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XFX HD 7870 and 7850 Double Dissipation Review

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Closer Look:

At a first glance the XFX Double Dissipation HD 7870 appears to look exactly the same as the XFX Double Dissipation HD 7850. The reason being that both cards use exactly the same cooler. In fact, the only way that you can possibly tell the two cards apart is by looking at the red strip located at the top of the card. Flipping the card over, much like with the HD 7850, reveals a nice black PCB.

















The top of the card, as stated before, features a red strip. This strip contains both the card's name as well as the XFX "Ghost" logo. Also located on the top of the card is the single Crossfire connector and the card's two 6-pin power connectors. As you can see, the two XFX cards are completely identical.




The two XFX cards remain identical in terms of connectivity as well. If you purchase the XFX Double Dissipation HD 7870 you will be able to utilize two mini DisplayPort connectors, a single HDMI port, and two DVI ports. Again making it a very decent option for those looking to utilize an Eyefinity setup without purchasing the highest end card.



Removing this card's cooler can be done in the exact same way as removing the XFX Double Dissipation HD 7850's cooler. Once again, removing the cooler will void your warranty with XFX. Once the cooler has been completely removed from the card, we can see that it is indeed the same one as used on the HD 7850.




Even when completely naked the XFX Double Dissipation HD 7870 looks exactly the same as its younger brother!.Surrounding the Pitcairn core are eight memory modules, which make up the cards 2GB of GDDR5 memory. This time around however, the memory clock is slightly higher, coming in at 1250MHz. Located directly at the center of the card is the 28nm Pitcairn core, which XFX overclocked to 1050MHz.



Now that we've had a good look at the cards, let's see how they perform!

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