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BioShock is one of the creepier games out the wild. The building of a perfect Utopian society undersea gone horribly wrong. Its inhabitants driven mad with the introduction of tonics and genetic modifications. Now Rapture is just a shadow of its former glory with little girls looting the dead of what little they have left while being shadowed by guardians known as "Big Daddys" It is a demanding game that will make your hardware scream for mercy. This First Person Shooter allows for an infinite number of weapons and modifications to provide a unique experience each time it is played. The environment as well as the story line will wrap you up for hours on end.


Video Settings:

  • All settings to maximum
  • V-Sync: Off



















Low resolutions really don't do this SLI setup any justice, as the higher clocked single GTX260 and 280 keep a tight fight going for the lead. Things quickly turn around for today's main attendee at 1920x1200 over single card configurations, where the 260s take, respectively, a 34% and 50% performance lead over the single GTX at stock and overclocked settings. The 4870X2 still trails behind a couple frames per second, nothing significant enough, especially when dealing with over a hundred FPS, to declare a clear winner.

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