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Crysis has been out for quite some time now. In that time there has yet to be a single or multi GPU setup that can fully showcase the graphics performance of the game. Will two GTX 260s be the combination to do it? The Crysis single player demo includes both CPU and GPU benchmarks to test the performance of your processor and video card.



  • Anti-Aliasing: x2
  • Advanced settings to high



















At low resolutions, Crysis simply does not benefit enough from the second GPU to make it worth the investment. Things start to become interesting at 1680x1050. However, once I jumped to 1920x1200 the stock SLI setup came in 30% faster than the single Black Edition GTX260, which isn't bad but still miles from perfect scaling. With the processor set at 3.2GHz and higher clocks on the cards, this performance advantage steps up to 70%! At those speeds, it also keeps its rival, the 4870X2, at bay, leading by a mere 7% at stock but by nearly 40% when overclocked.


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