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Far Cry 2:

While I have not run all of the cards in the comparison list through the Far Cry 2 benchmark, I will add the XFX GTX260 XXX cards in an SLI configuration as well as an HD4870X2 to the list of cards I have run through the testing. Our testing is not yet complete but you can look for Far Cry 2 to become part of the OverclockersClub benchmark suite. The settings used are just a few steps below the maximum in-game settings and offer a good blend of performance vs. visual quality.



  • Direct X 10
  • 2xAA
  • Game settings to very high
  • Vsync Off















FarCry 2 falls into a very similar situation to World in Conflict, the SLI setup shows improvements over a single 260 and dominates every other card, except Zotac's overclocked GTX280, which manages to beat it by a slight margin at lower resolutions. However, the GTX260s can't spread their wings exactly like they would want to because I once again ran into a processor bottleneck. This goes to show how much power those cards can deliver. No matter how high the resolution was, they still cruised to 78 and over 90 frames per seconds at stock and overclocked settings.

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