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XFX GTX260 Black Edition Review

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The XFX GTX260 Black Edition video card does exactly what it is supposed to do. It beat the HD4870 1GB model at the video performance game while still competing on the price point. This it does quite well. In every game tested except Call of Juarez, the Black Edition's performance was superior to the ATI HD4870 1GB card. The only other time the red camp offering was close, was in World in Conflict. In this benchmark, the performance differential was only 1 frame per second better than the Black Edition GTX260. The additional 24 shader processing cores and higher clock speeds allow for performance in the GTX280 range from this card. The comparison GTX280 in this review is an overclocked model and this offering from XFX still comes close to equaling the performance laid down by the Zotac GTX280 AMP! Edition. This is really a pretty strong performance from the card. The Special Edition nature of this package shows when the chips are down, it has the power to run just about any game out there as a single GPU gaming solution. If you put two of the Black Edition GTX260 216 core cards in a standard SLI or better yet a TRI SLI setup, the performance should make games such as Crysis and Far Cry 2 playable at all but the highest resolutions with plenty of eye candy. As a pre-overclocked card, the Black Edition is supposed to offer better than stock performance, and it does. Now, when you push the clock speeds even further, the performance scales nicely. Clock speed increases were in the neighborhood of 11+% on the GPU core from the stock 666MHz to 740MHz and an increase of almost 10% on the memory to 1261 MHz from 1150MHz. Once the CPU limitation is eliminated, the performance soars.

With this kind of horsepower, the additional capabilities of the GT200 series cards are further improved. Reductions in the time needed to transcode video, so you can spend more time watching your collection, than preserving it. For the distributed computing junkies (myself included), this results in a reduced time to submit results which long term will hopefully find cures for the wicked diseases that afflict us humans, things such as cancer, mad cow disease, Alzheimers and more. With the purchase of a Black Edition video card, you are offered membership into the Black Edition membership club. After registering your card, you are eligible for membership only offers and invitations to membership only events. While Assassins Creed was supplied with this card, retail versions will get Far Cry 2 as the supplied game. The GTX260 216 core "Black Edition" from XFX has it all - performance at the right price, with a great bundle of accessories! Now back to my song.....



  • Performance
  • Bundle
  • Physx capabilities
  • TRI SLI capable
  • Parallel computing
  • Pre-overclocked
  • 216 Shader cores
  • Black Edition membership



  • Fan on high is loud
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