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XFX 9800GT Review

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When I got this XFX 9800GT video card, I wasn't expecting much more than a fancier looking 8800GT and that's pretty much what I found out during testing. Both cards use the same G92 core and sport the exact same specifications, whether it is the amount of stream processors or clocks, it's all the same. Therefore, performance wasn't only similar, but identical or within the margin of error. However, this card has a huge edge over it's predecessor, the 8800, and that is price. In fact, while the former sold for nearly 300$ when it was originally released, this newer part can be found for nearly a third of that price. It can be found on sale now for about $120. Price versus performance is quite good with this card, it makes a decent performer while being affordable. The bundled game, Assassin's Creed is a great addition which adds to the value and that might just be the reason I'd choose this card over the same model from competing brands. When it comes to cooling, XFX' cooling solution did a better job than the reference design. However, it was, although barely, quieter but it was still hardly able to keep the heat down since, obviously, it's the same heatsink used on the 9600GT which doesn't have nearly as much watts to dissipate. Fortunately, it was able to overclock very well at 750 MHz, up 150 MHz above stock. That enabled it to perform on par with the more expensive GTX of the same series.

While it falls short when it comes to today's performance standards, the card has wicked looks. The black printed circuit board, the cooler's cover and the green DVI ports make an awesome combination. Overall, the XFX 9800GT offer last year's performance at today's price. It's a pretty good deal, but competition is stiff in the mainstream market nowadays and nVidia definitely needs to give it's partners something with a bit more power. Indeed, if you can shell out a few more bucks you can grab a card, the HD4850 namely, from the red team which will be able to push out more frames while gaming. So do you think green or are you red at heart?



  • Overclocking headroom
  • Price
  • Custom Cooling
  • Bundle



  • Runs hot


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