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XFX 9600 GT Alpha Dog Edition Review

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Closer Look:

The XFX 9600GT Alpha Dog Edition is designed for use in a 16x PCI-E slot and features a 740MHz core clock, Yes, that's right, no typo here, 740MHz is where the clockspeeds were set by XFX. But wait, there's more! Shader clocks of 1850MHz and 512MB of GDDR 1000MHz memory wrap up the basic specs on the Alpha Dog Edition. On first glance you will notice the fact that XFX has used a non reference heatsink on this version of the 9600GT.











The XFX Alpha Dog Edition has the standard connectivity options for the 9600 series of video cards. Dual DVI slots and an S-Video out. What is not standard is that with the included DVI to HDMI adapter and HDMI sound input cable, you can output the video to that High Definition screen. The tail end of the card features the 6-pin PCI-E power connector. This card, just like all of the 9600 series, is SLI capable.



The heatsink on the Alpha Dog Edition is not the standard reference cooler from Nvidia but rather a solid copper piece. No copper slug in aluminum but good ol' fashioned copper. Both the reference cooler and this one exhaust the hot air back into the case. The heatsink has raised pads for the memory so that the thermal interface material can make contact.



One thing this 9600GT sports is a shim around the GPU core for added protection. By using a non reference heatsink, XFX added a strengthening rib to the backbone of the card for added support.



Now that we have a good idea what we are looking at, let's take a look at how the Alpha Dog performs.


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