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XFX 9600 GT Alpha Dog Edition Review

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So how well does XFX's Top Dog perform? In 25 tests out of 32 at its rated clock speeds, it was able to tie or beat the HD3870. Performance-wise, it beat the standard XFX 9600GT's maximum overclocked scores in all of the benchmarks run. Purchasing an overclocked card is a way to get a guaranteed level of performance without the "I hope it will" syndrome when buying a lower speed rated video card and hoping that it will get "close" to the higher cards' performance. Fortunately with the XFX 9600GT Alpha Dog Edition, you don't have to worry about that. In fact, throw a couple of the Alpha Dog 9600s together into an SLI setup and you will have a graphics solution capable of playing all of the latest games at higher resolutions with more of the eye candy on. Just for kicks, I put the Alpha Dog in with a standard XFX 9600GT into an SLI capable board with the CPU overclocked to 3.6 GHz and clocked it up a bit to get close to the overclocked card and promptly pulled a score over 17000 in 3DMark06. Even though the 9600 is the replacement for the mid ranged 8600 series, the performance is anything but midranged. With the price factor thrown into the equation, grabbing two of the Alpha Dog 9600 GT cards from XFX would make for a strong graphics solution without breaking the bank. And in today's economy, that means plenty!



  • Still a Bit of Overclocking Room Left
  • Stock Performance
  • Cool Running
  • Quiet Cooling Solution
  • Improved Cooling solution
  • Affordable



  • None
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