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XFX 9600 GT 512MB Review

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Closer Look:

The XFX 9600GT is a PCIe video card for use in a 16x slot. This card features a core speed of 650MHz with a memory speed of 1.8GHz. The "9" logo that is on the outer sleeve of the package is again used on the heatsink.


















To get the image from the system to that nice, LCD display or better yet, to that nice, big screen television, the 9600GT uses an S-video output or a DVI connection. Adapters are included in the bundle of accesories to allow for most connection types. To power the XFX 9600GT, there is only one 6 pin power connection needed. This is mounted on the tail end of the card, in the most common location.




The single slot cooling solution used on the 9600GT appears to use a copper heatpipe to aluminum fin construction to dissapate the heatload generated by the GPU. The fan that is used contains 15 blades to move air through the heatsink assembly.



The heatsink assembly is held in place by twelve screws. Remove these screws to pull the heatsink assembly from the video card. Under neath is a core that looks much smaller than the G80 cores. The thermal paste used on the core appears to be much the same as what has been used in the past, much being the operative word.



And now to the heart of the matter literally of course. Cleaned up and ready for a new application of ceramique is the G94 core used on the 9600GT.


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