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XFX 9600 GT 512MB Review

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Nvidia and XFX have delivered a video card that gives a surprising amount of performance for the money spent. In many of the benchmarks, the stock speed performance was similar, if not better than the HD3870. Now once the overclocking started, most of the performance gaps between the HD3870 and 9600GT were erased, with the exception being the performance in Call Of Duty 4 and BioShock. The performance gap was there but not as pronounced. Speaking of overclocking, the XFX 9600GT has a good bit of headroom, allowing for overclocking the base model up to, and beyond the XXX model clock and memory speeds. Nvidia and its partners have gone for the jugular with the price point that the 9600 has been offered at. $179.99 for the XFX 9600GT model and slightly higher for the higher speed models. That falls below the price point that the HD3850 was offered at in Q4 of 2007. If you already have an HD3870, the performance is similar so there is no real upgrade path here. Now if you have not purchased a card, and are surfing in the $150 to $200 zone waiting for the right deal, an opportunity has presented itself in the 9600GT. You can get a card that at times, has performance just short of an 8800GT and on par with the HD3870 for an attractive price point.


  • Quiet
  • Good performance per Dollar
  • Overclocking ability
  • Overclocking headroom
  • Affordable performance for the masses



  • None 

For a review of the 9600GT in SLI check out Neoseeker's Palit 9600GT SLI Review.

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