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XFX 8800 GTS XXX 320MB Graphics Card



It’s hard to believe that the XFX 8800GTS is only a 320Mb graphics board. It out-performed the ATI X1950 XT hands down and that has 512Mb of memory. So where does the 8800 GTS get is power from? It has a clock rate of 580MHz, a memory clock of 1.8 GHz, 320 bit memory interface and graphics core speed of 500MHz. All of this combined surely packs a punch. Those are some pretty big words and very impressive, but what do they mean? OCC has composed a list of definitions to help everyone understand graphic board lingo, so if you know what I was referring to or just need a refresher, please feel free to take a gander. (Graphics Board Definitions)

So does XFX keep their word and produce a quality video card with mind blowing performance that won’t hurt your wallet? They certainly do for a high end graphics board. The 8800 GTS is under $350.00 and as you observed in my benchmarks, its performance is eye-opening. This Graphics Board crushed our benchmarks and improves as resolutions increase by decreasing the FPS between each progressive resolution. There is something that I'd like to add that I didn't speak about in my testing section and that's fan noise. Having used many XFX products in the past, I have always found their heatsink fans to be quite loud and even louder as the card became hotter. Considering the size of the one on the 8800 GTS, I thought I was doomed to noise. I am honestly surprised and glad to say XFX has broken away from the loud heatsink barrier and finally created a heatsink that is virtually noiseless even when under load.


  • DirectX 10 Ready
  • High End at Affordable Price
  • Ultra Quiet Heatsink and Fan
  • 1.8 GHz Stock
  • 320 Bit


  • Up to date system needed to run graphics board


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