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XFX 8600 GTS XXX Edition

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The XFX 8600 GTS XXX performed much better than its DirectX 9 mainstream competitors in all benchmarks across the board (N.B.: Although prices of the DirectX 9 video cards are closer to entry level at this time, when they were released into the mainstream market, the prices on these cards were similar in price to the 8600 GTS). Being a 256Mb 128-bit video card with nVidias new 128-bit floating point High Dynamic Range, that includes support for anti-aliasing, the 8600 GTS in lower resolutions (where a CPU can aid a video card) produced some very close results to the two higher-end video cards, even overtaking the 8800GTS XXX and Sapphire HD 2900 XT in two benchmarks and equaling them in one. This is a plus to those who choose to game in resolutions under 1280x1024.

I’m impressed with the design of the new heat sink; I have always thought that XFX's older designs were too loud when at full speed, and worse when they would rev up and down. I did not have this problem with the new design; although it could be heard when running at full speed, it was no where near as loud as its predecessors, and the annoying up and down cycling has totally disappeared.

Although it is not a concern of mine, the XFX 8600 GTS XXX does need an extra power source, so some users might have to upgrade their PSU. At load, my entire system's power consumption was just below the 250W range, with a water cooling system. This was much lower than the 8800 GTS and Sapphire HD 2900 XT, which at times both peaked in the upper 300's. So feasibly, the minimum recommended 350W PSU should be sufficient.

So does the XFX 8600 GTS deserve an award based on its performance? Yes. As to what award it will receive, that will have to wait until OCC conducts its mainstream DirectX 10 roundup. So check back in two weeks to see which saliva producing award the XFX 8600 GTS XXX receives.



  • DirectX 10
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Quiet Fan on Heat Sink
  • Double Lifetime Guarantee
  • Pre-Overclocked
  • HDCP Ready 



  • Requires an Extra Power Source (Can be a concern to some users) 

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation & Configuration
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Benchmark: Far Cry
  5. Benchmark: F.E.A.R.
  6. Benchmark: Call of Duty 2
  7. Benchmark: Quake 4
  8. Benchmark: NFS Most Wanted
  9. Benchmark: Microsoft FSX
  10. Benchmark: 3D Mark 06
  11. Benchmark: RyderMark
  12. Conclusion
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