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XFX nForce 680i Review

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Installation can be tricky if you are not familiar with all of the connections of your case and the procedures to install a motherboard. This is where I come in, to give you a guide to installing your motherboard. Best thing to do is to clear off your workspace so that you don't loose any parts or get them mixed up. With the XFX 680i laying flat, open the cover of the CPU socket and line up the CPU to the socket. Close the lid and lock the lever in place.










Next, take the thermal paste and place a pea size drop on the CPU. Using a plastic card (like an old squeegee card) evenly spread out the thermal past over the CPU. Then mount the heatsink and secure the legs to the motherboard making sure it is secure. Don't forget to plug the fan wire into the CPU Fan header on the motherboard.




With the CPU installed, take the memory modules, line them up with the memory slots on the motherboard, and insert them until they click into place.



 Install the I/O Shield plate and place the motherboard into the case. Using the proper screws mount the motherboard securing it to the chassis.


Lastly, install the add-on cards and connect all the wire connections to the board and you are all set to fire her up.


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