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XFX nForce 680i Review

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One thing I wanted to test was the overclocking ability of this board with my 2.66GHz Processor. I played with the Front Side Bus, voltage and the multiplier to see what I could come up with. The highest I was able to boot into windows and pass Prime testing was 450x8, or 3.60GHz. That is almost a full gigahertz overclock, almost 35% more, all on air cooling. Anything over 450 and the system would not boot into Windows. I ran this for 24 hours while doing daily work and playing games with no problems whatsoever. The voltage on the CPU was 1.50 volts, which was not bad, as with some motherboards I have had to go higher with the same processor. Here are some shots running Prime 95, and CPU-Z showing the CPU speed and voltage, as well as the memory at 600MHz.






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