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XFX 680i LT SLI Motherboard


Closer Look:

Here we have what really looks like a no-frills work station board. That's not a bad thing though - no frills does not equate to low performance in all cases.


One thing I liked about this motherboard is the fact that the chipset and power circuit are both individually cooled. There is not a massive heatpipe interconnecting the heatsinks, thus making cooling improvements difficult.

There are three power connections that need to be made to power this board.There is the 24 pin ATX power supply, an 8 pin 12v and an additional 4 pin molex to provide power to the PCIe graphics card(s). The 8 pin is difficult to reach with a large cooling solution, so its best to hook this one up as you slide the motherboard into place. The 4 pin molex connector is sandwiched between the front panel connectors and the IDE connector. Strange place to put it, but it is easy to get to.

This board has all of the drive connections on the right-hand side of the board. This makes it easy to hook up your optical, floppy( for those who still use them) and your hard drive(s) without having to run drive cables all across the motherboard. Two PCIe 16x slots are available if you are looking to use dual video cards and get the most out of them. One PCI and one 1x PCIe slot are available for use when dual GPUs are used - even when they have a two-slot cooling solution.

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