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XFX Radeon 5830 Review

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Well now, what a performance! When I got the XFX Radeon HD5830, I expected a mild performer with mild options. Boy was I wrong! The card gives great perforamnce on stock speeds, now this would be great on its own, but this card goes one step further and is an excellent overclocker as well! For the $200 price range, this card was beating out the GTX 285 Matrix card and almost always came out on top of the GTX 275. Eyefinity is a polished product that should have been here en masse a long time ago. Those of you who have moved to dual-monitor setups can vouch with me that you never want to go back. Now take that, add another monitor into the equation and top it off with good support for your games as well! Setting up a 3x24" setup was mind boggling, but did however bring up my only complaint about this package. To enable the 3:1 Eyefinity setup, you have to use the two DVI adapters, and the DisplayPort adapter. You can't use the integrated HDMI adapter, although you can use a DVI to HDMI converter on a DVI port. Why wasn't a DisplayPort to DVI adapter included? I wouldn't expect to purchase a new product and open it in anticipation only to realize that I can't realize its full potential unless I buy a seperate adapter! Come on XFX!

Even with the limited adjustments available within the CCC's Overdrive utility, I was still able to max the GPU's clock speed in a matter of minutes and get the RAM to an excellent overclock rather expediantly as well. Throw in a free copy of Aliens vs. Predator and really, there is not to much to say about this card other than the XFX Radeon HD5830 is without doubt the card to have in its price range!



  • Excellent Overclocking
  • Low Cost
  • Excellent Mid-Range Performance
  • Tons of Ports
  • Eyefinity
  • CrossFireX



  • Included Accessories


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