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XFX 5870 + 5850 CrossFire Review

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Both the XFX HD 5870 and XFX HD 5850 are powerful cards and both earned good marks here at OCC, but when paired in CrossFire the performance boost gained was enormous for some of the test programs. Both video cards operated happily at 1000 MHz core speed with software that could adjust the core voltage easily. The memory overclock was hindered by the 5850 which couldn't go as far, but could at least match the 5870. Each card ran smoothly and with automatic fan speed they also ran, not silent, but definitely quiet enough to blend in with the other case fans. Both also came with a voucher for Dirt 2, and having two copies one can be sold or gifted since the holidays are coming around. Each comes with plenty of accessories, and when paired together brought some of the highest benchmark results around - very good for mixed CrossFire.

At a high fan speed, the fans were extremely loud and both emitted a different tone - possibly from the different lengths or perhaps a different blower motor was used. 100% fan speed with both made the test rig sound more like a vacuum - the Delta TFB1212GHE would pair well with these loud blower motors. Although to give kudos where they are due, default fan speeds are very quiet and kept both cards chugging along at very decent temperatures - the point is when set manually they can get very loud. Another con would be that performance didn't scale evenly and in some games a performance hit occurred.

With the XFX HD 5870 and 5850 paired together in CrossFire, the performance was great in the programs that supported it, and the games that didn't still did reasonably well. This combination is great for those who can't afford a second 5870 but want more power.



  • Fan is quiet at default
  • DX11 capable
  • Overclockability
  • ATI Eyefinity
  • Warranty
  • Performance


  • Fan can be loud when speed is manually set
  • Availability
  • Scaling
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