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XFX HD 5750 Review

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Closer Look:

The new XFX HD 5750 is aimed to provide decent performance at a low price, and as such is smaller and has a smaller heatsink than the more expensive 5800s. Built around similar technology, the GPU was created on a 40nm fabrication processes and supports a 128-bit memory bus with up to 1GB of GDDR5 memory. The GPU has 720 stream processors, just 80 shy of the RV770/790XT cores. The stock cooler bears no resemblance to the 5750's siblings - the 5770, 5850, and 5870 all share similar looking heatsinks. The low energy requirements of the shorter PCB combined with shrunken fabrication equate to a cool running GPU core that doesn't need as big or expensive of a heatsink as the higher end cards. The top of the heatsink is covered by an egg shaped piece of plastic with a hole for the fan to pull in air; the cover is another indiscernible object in the background with red, black, and gray along with some more caution stripes although a few don't have the black coloring. The heatsink is colored black and fits the design well although it would look better if the outputs were colored too. The back of the card is clean and has one sticker for identification. Four memory chips surround the GPU retention mechanism on the back side of the PCB.













The expansion slot has the exact same layout as found on the other 5-series video cards, including the vent slits and two holes for where the heatsink attaches to the plate. Video output is provided by two Dual-Link DVI ports, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort connector. The rear of the card sports the single 6-pin PCI Express power connection. The fan is a two-wire fan but is still software controllable for fan speed.



The heatsink itself is round but it can be hard to tell what is underneath the egg-shaped shroud. The design of the cooler is adequate for the proper operation of the video card, especially when combined with the ATI PowerPlay energy saving feature. This card is ATI CrossFireX ready and does require two slots to fit.



Time to install the video card and drivers!

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