Xclio One Notebook Cooler Review

Propane - 2009-08-12 07:09:54 in Cooling
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Reviewed on: August 30, 2009
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If you own a laptop or are thinking about getting one, you probably understand that most of them get hot; really hot. This is just a byproduct of all electronics and it is something that is very noticeable in the high performance mobile computing chips. While this heat is an inevitable occurrence, it also needs to be dealt with to keep your computer running at its maximum efficiency. There are many ways to do this with a traditional desktop PC, but when you move to a laptop, your options quickly diminish. That's why companies, like Xclio, make notebook coolers. These devices do their best to get air flowing around the laptop's chassis. While there are many designs, the Xclio One takes a somewhat minimalistic approach, and a unique one at that! I am excited to see how well this cooler performs!


Closer Look:

The packaging that the Xclio One comes in is pretty standard, though it is not as large as other coolers I have received in the past. Since the cooler is itself smaller, this makes plenty of sense. The outside casing, which has images as well as specifications and features listed on it, acts as a sleeve around the protective foam packaging.











The box that is contained in the sleeve opens up much like any box would. The foam then just lifts off to reveal the cooler, as well as the additional accessories that come with the cooler.


Closer Look:

The Xclio One notebook cooler has a unique design. While most coolers are designed to have the entire laptop sit on top of the device, this cooler just has a thin elevated strip to set under the back of the laptop while four small fans shoot air out along the bottom of the cooler. This is the first time I have seen a device that looks like this and works this way, and I am excited to see how it performs. The power port, a standard mini-USB plug, is centered in the back panel. The cable to power this mini-USB port is included, and is long enough to reach USB ports on most any laptop.

















As can be seen, the cooler has a slight incline to allow better airflow as well as improve the ergonomics of the keyboard.








All information courtesy of Xclio @ http://www.xclio.com/products/cooler-xclio_one.htm#details


To test the Xclio One notebook cooler, I simply used it in conjunction with my MacBook Pro. You cannot have a good experiment without a control, so for this testing, I am using the laptop sitting on the desk as the control. Then, I let the laptop run in an idle state while running a temperature monitoring application (iStat Pro) to discover the temperature of both my CPU and GPU cores. This was repeated with the cooler and the control. To get load temperatures, I chose to run World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, which stresses the hardware on my laptop quite a bit on both the CPU and GPU, resulting in more heat being produced. Again, this was repeated on the cooler and the desk. One thing of note, however, is that my laptop is technically slightly oversized for this cooler, so most likely there would have been a better performance gain if a laptop smaller than 15" was used.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Coolers:


The results below show that the Xclio One performs at an improved level from the desk reference, but not quite as well as other active laptop coolers. While there are better coolers, for the size of the Xclio One, these temperatures are not bad.



Lower numbers are better.

The four small fans glow blue when they are being powered, and are not much noisier than the ambient room when my air conditioner is running.


While the Xclio One notebook cooler has an interesting design, it unfortunately just does not preform quite as well as the tried and true method of having a large platform with a larger fan in it. However, even though this is the case, it still cooled the laptop down a considerable amount and is not very large, providing a space benefit when the laptop is not in use. Additionally, you still get the ergonomic benefits provided by an inclined keyboard. While the plastic molding gives it a somewhat lower quality feel than its aluminum counterparts, the design of the device and the blue glow of the fans still provide a somewhat aesthetically pleasing product that would be great for people using netbooks on the go. Another plus is that the Xclio One comes in four different colors, so you can color coordinate it with your netbook. All in all, the Xclio One is a nice device, but is not for everyone.