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Apevia X-Telstar Red/Black Case Review

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Closer Look:

The Case

I think it's a decent looking case. The front panel is definitely reminiscent of a Yin and Yang symbol. The panel also has standard front panel ports consisting of two USB connectors, one Firewire, a headphone jack, a microphone jack and a rudimentary fan controller. The large submarine window on the bottom is indeed the infamous gauge that I've seen so much about. The door covering the optical drive bay is lockable, but it's pretty much useless. The entire front of the case feels extremely cheap with very fragile plastic all over. It does have some brushed aluminum (red), but it is simply a cover and only covers half the front panel. Don't get me wrong, almost all cases have plastic front panels, but in this case, it simply looks and feels less than adequate.

The side-panel has a massive window, with a 120mm fan on the bottom. I'm not too fond of that fan grill though, as it does not fit the rest of the case - reminiscent of a sunflower really. The side-panel is also lockable, but it's plastic. I'm beginning to see a trend here.

The rest of the case is pretty ordinary. There are four swiveling feet on the bottom to help stabilize when needed (plastic), as well as a 120MM exhaust up top. At least the fan screen fits the rest of the case this time.




I reserved an entire section for the front panel doors. Just take a look at the pictures - note the small plastic latches. I had a case with a similar design in the Apevia X-Pleasure. Needless to say, the front panel door on that case literally fell apart after six months of usage. Chances are that this case is also destined to fall into the same fate with heavy, or even moderate use. Seems like a good whack at the door will probably do it in. Of course with many cases using plastic as the hinge material, this is not wholly unexpected. I also took a closer look at the front panel ports and gauge.



Here's the gauge in action, with the temperature probes on the GPU and CPU. I adjusted the fan controller which actually shows up on the screen! It does look pretty sweet.

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