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Apevia X-QBOII Black Case Review

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Closer Look:

Working Components

I popped off the side panel and got a better look at the blue LED-lighted, 120mm Apevia fan. Also, I got my first glimpse of the interior.

















On the right side of the case, you can see two 80mm fan mounts and the included Apevia 500W power supply above. The motherboard standoffs are already installed too, which is nice.



The left side of the case is a rather odd looking optical drive mechanism; I wonder how that'll work out. On the bottom, an internally mounted 120mm opening is clearly visible, along with a removable HDD bay. I wondered why Apevia chose to only include a single 120mm case fan. If you're running some high-end hardware, you may want to take a look at some extra case fans.



Here's a look behind the front panel. I was a little surprised, and pleased, when I saw that the optical bay cover, which normally just snaps off, could be screwed back on. Lastly, I pulled out the front panel motherboard connectors; nothing special there.



The included PSU, an Apevia 500W, is extremely small and light, but it should suffice for most systems of this size. This is the norm for most cases with included power supplies; just enough to get by. However, as soon as one starts heading into higher-end graphics cards and quad-cores, a change of power supplies might be in order.



I was impressed, at first, with the X-QBOII, as it looked pretty promising. However, the lack of fans and protection of the window drew me off a bit. Later I noticed that the case had a semi-gloss black coating, so the chassis won't look too flashy and it has a texture to it of bumps or bubbles. I'm not quite sure, but I do like the paint job.

Alright, enough oggling, I want to install my hardware!

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  2. Closer Look (The Case)
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