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Apevia X-QBOII Black Case Review

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Closer Look:

The Case

I was pretty impressed by the look of the case in person. Why? Windowed cases in this price range tend to be extremely flashy, with the attitude of an adolescent girl, and tend to look very cheap, to say the least. The X-QBOII looks very sophisticated with its unique window design and brushed aluminum front; definitely not looking like a $75 chassis. Pay close attention to the window; it is not a simple, flat, boring square like most cases, but an odd yet unique design mounted on the exterior of the panel, giving it quite a bit of depth. However, I am not a fan of the busy wire mesh on the 120mm window fan. The other side panel is not removable, which is slightly unusual, but it's not a big deal. The front of the case encloses two USB ports, a headphone jack, a mic jack, and a firewire jack, as well as your standard power and restart switches and lights.

You may be wondering, what happened to the layout? The motherboard has been flipped upside down to the opposite side of the case. Many pre-built manufacturers use this type of layout, and I like it. It allows for the CPU to be rotated to the bottom of the case where the cold air sinks, thus allowing for better cooling. And in this windowed case, the PCI and PCI-E cards also get rotated, so the exciting top part of the card is shown off, instead of the boring bottom.
















Upon further examination, I found there to be all kinds of scratches on the side panel window, apparently from the power supply wires rubbing up against the window during shipping. It seems very odd that Apevia would wrap and protect the aluminum, but not the window. I certainly hope that Apevia starts putting some sort of protective wrapping on the window, or at least secure the inside components more effectively.



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