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AzenX X-Cruzer Flexible 70mm Fan Review



    Installing this thing is a no-brainer. Simply stick it where you want and voila! That is, if you have a nice steel case. If you don't, you'll have to use the sticky pads that are included, which I had to use. I placed the fan next to my eVGA 8800GTS, which is, by far, the hottest component in my rig.

Looks like I was wrong. The neck is so long that it makes it extremely difficult to get it underneath anything without putting it into extremely awkward positions. There just isn't any room to route the thing anywhere, even in a full-tower case! It is just too big! My next gripe are the sticky pads. They are just not very sticky. Take the fan off a few times and they just aren't sticky anymore.

The fan itself spins inside the spindle right? This means that it just sits on two plastic pins. Don't get me wrong, the pins are fairly thick, but they are also short, so it will come apart very, very easily, a huge annoyance! I also found out that the touted 360 degree fan rotation was actually false. It's more along the lines of 320 degrees as there is a pin which stops the fan from spinning too far and thus twisting the wire into the fan.

So far as trying to cool a TV tuner card or any other miscellaneous card, that's pretty much impossible as there is no place to mount it, even in my full tower! You cannot mount it on the bottom and the sides of the case, as both the neck and base are far too big, and the neck just is not flexible enough to route through a computer. Once again, the sticky pads aren't the greatest, so I had all kinds of fun just trying to keep the fan from falling over.

To sum the installation up, the fan is far too big to make any real good use of it.


Key Features

  • Unique flexible goose neck fan body
  • Special designed 70mm fan profile rotated at 360°
  • Internal fan speed controller for desired system performance
  • A crescent-shaped UV fan frame with 3 blue LEDs and 2 multi-colors blinking LEDs
  • Best fan curve performance at low dBA noise
  • Reduce CPU and case temperature steadily and dramatically
  • Stylish cooler base with either magnet and double side tape attachment
  • Fits in most mid and full tower cases
  • Patent Pending


  • Hard Drive
  • Memory Module
  • Graphic Card
  • TV Tuner Card Chipsets



Model No.


Fan Dimension

70 x 70 x 15mm

Fan Speed

1500 ~ 3000 rpm

Fan Air Flow

9.104 ~ 21.594 cfm

Fan Noise Level

21.3 ~ 29.6 dBA

Fan Bearing Type

Fluid Bearing


150 g

Height (Max.)

258 mm

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  2. Closer Look Continued
  3. Installation & Specifications
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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