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X58 Motherboard Roundup Review

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Price for Performance:

The following motherboards are listed in order of their performance with their prices. I determined their performance based on how many benchmarks they won out of the 62 total. Any benchmarks that had tied scores were omitted.

Gigabyte EX58-UD4P:

Gigabyte's X58 board was by far the top performer at stock settings. It won 19 out of the 62 stock benchmarks. So how much does it cost? According to Newegg this board is worth $259.99. This price makes it the third most expensive board of the bunch. All things considered, that's really not a bad price. The EX58-UD4P costs about $50 more than the cheapest boards and offers the best performance at stock.

MSI Eclipse Plus:

The Eclipse priced at $379.99 is the most expensive board in this roundup. Thankfully, at least you get some performance for your coinage. The Eclipse was the top performer in 12 of 62 benchmarks, however the high price makes this not sound all that great, especially when a less expensive board was able to perform better.


I find it very interesting that the third place board is the most affordable. Yes, you read that correctly. Newegg prices this board at an extremely affordable $209.99. Remember, at stock settings these motherboards all perform extremely close together, and when one outperforms another it isn't by that large of a margin. The ECS board manages to pull ahead in 7 of the 62 benchmarks.

Asus P6T:

The P6T is $10 less than the Gigabyte EX58-UD4P but appears to offer far more than $10 lesser performance. The P6T pulled ahead in only five benchmarks. At least it didn't get last place.

MSI Platinum:

At $218.99, the MSI Platinum is the second least expensive board. For this reason I assumed it would perform second worst. It did exactly that. The Platinum won only three benchmarks, but for the price it really isn't that bad of a deal.

eVGA X58 3X SLI:

I was very disappointed in how eVGA's board performed. Newegg prices this board at $299.99. Yeah, for almost $300 you can get the lowest performing board out of the pack. You'd think for that kind of money that you'd get a board that is at least in second or third place.

Overclocking Price for Performance:

Again, the following boards are listed in order of their performance in 62 benchmarks. The only difference here is that these boards have been overclocked. Tied scores will be omitted.

Asus P6T:

I was not expecting the board that got fourth would be the best overclocker! Wow! I was also not expecting that it would cost only $249.99. In 19 benchmarks the P6T came out ahead of all other boards. Remember that the boards perform more or less the same, but a win is still a win, especially when it's a cheaper board that's doing the winning!

MSI Eclipse:

It appears as though this board likes getting second place. The Eclipse only won in ten benchmarks, but at least you get something for the $380 you'll be spending on it. If you buy this board, you'll know you'll get great performance in both stock and overclocked settings.


It's always heart warming when the cheaper boards perform great. For a good $170 less than the Eclipse, you can get a board that overclocks almost as well. Instead of winning in ten benchmarks, the ECS board was the top performer in nine.

Gigabyte EX58-UD4P:

Here's the top performer in the stock settings. Yep, when overclocked the Gigabyte board drops down to fourth place. Go figure. Technically it tied with the eVGA X58 3X SLI, however it costs almost $50 less. Both boards won in five benchmarks.

eVGA X58 3X SLI:

Again, I'm disappointed in this board. Why does it have such a high price tag when it can't compete with the less expensive competitors?

MSI X58 Platinum:

I wasn't all that disappointed with the Platinum's performance. As the second lowest priced board, I wasn't expecting much. Still, it was good to see that in won in two benchmarks.


So which board will I choose as the board to get? Read on...

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