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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (PC)



This first large scale expansion is a huge hit. There are so many things that I could keep typing for days and not even scratch the surface of all that it has to offer. Once the crowding moved on, this game never once hiccuped again. The only thing that wasn't enjoyable was the soundtrack. After around thirty minutes or so, I ended up turning it down so far that it was barely audible over the clangs and thunks of the weapons and wild sounds of spells. Whether you choose to start a new character with a new path or continue your old one and explore all that the new world has to offer you, you will not be disappointed in WoW-BC. New visual spectacles, 10 new levels with new spells and new skills to train, as well as Jewel crafting and Socketed items add a whole new dimension to a wonder hit of a game played the world over. Both old gamers and new will be pleased with this expansion and I expect that everyone will sit back once in a while to look at the beauty that the developers from Blizzard put out there for us to explore, just like I did.

The choices and paths in WoW are so varied that to explain them all would take too many words and too many pages. Blizzard offers everyone a free 10 day trial with a free download, so for those who are wondering if this might be a game for them, I suggest hitting that download button and giving it a shot. Feel free to hit my base sever of Dethicus and add one more body to the Horde team.

When asked to list the pros and cons of this game, it had to be one of the hardest things to review. I'm hooked...I have been for a long time and while reviewing the expansion it was hard for me to think of any negative things. However, the biggest con I can come up with would be the lack of communication between Horde and Alliance. There is none, and other than the in-game emotes, you can not communicate. So when a level 70 comes up to your level 30 and kills him on one shot, it's very hard to ask them not to do it. That can become frustrating when it happens time and again. When it came to load times, it was very rare to see a loading screen and even then, they usually lasted only a few seconds at most. As for the pros, well I have given you all many examples of how I love this game. I would have to say, load it up, run the patch and check it out. With a free 10 day trial, how can you say no?
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