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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (PC)


Closer Look (Cont.)

The Draenei are the Alliance's latest. Even though I'm true to the Horde, I started a new character on a different server and hid from my friends for a while to play one and see how I liked it. Once again, Blizzard did a great job on getting us launched into the new lands with some beautiful new areas. Generally, on both sides the starting lands follow the same type of paths. They get you moving into quests right away and within as little as 30 minutes you can get your new character to level 5 or better with a very nice progression of quests. Of course, you don't have to do them but it does lend a nice little story line that helps you get into the starting of a new character, and takes away some of the drudgery that you used to feel doing the same quests over and over with different characters. Sadly, at around level 20 the newbie areas are all but tapped out and you have to travel to more familiar lands. However, by then they have done a great job of getting you hooked on a character all over again and you don't mind as much as you might have in the past. The /silly command is the character's way of telling jokes and introduces you to their voice. With a little twist, Blizzard gave us Russian accented spacemen as they make jokes of how they crash landed on this planet and are now trapped and allied with the Alliance.

The new high level continent is know as "Outland". The instant you get there (have to be level 58 at a minimum) you can tell that you are in for a new treat. Seconds into the gate, you see one of the new area's Bosses as he sends his minions into a pitched battle right before your eyes. Once you have watched that a few times, as I did, you start to look around and you quickly notice that you're definitely in a new world. You are literally floating in the cosmos and some of the pictures here show you just what that looks like. Battle your way through a few monsters - mostly level 58-60 - and you hit the starting areas for the Horde and Alliance. This is where you can step up most of your skills to raise your cap and pick up more quests then you know what to do with. Some of the quest rewards...well actually, almost all of the rewards are crazy! My level 60 warrior could barely solo one of the hogs in the surrounding areas when I first showed up after a few short, easy, and surprisingly fun quests. One of which you get to throw bombs while flying around an enemy base. I had a new base set of armor and some astounding improvements to my stats. Those same hogs were dropping one right after another with little or no rest in between.

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