WOLFKING TROOPER Laser Gaming Mouse Review

ajmatson - 2007-09-04 07:20:52 in Input Devices
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Reviewed on: December 10, 2007
Price: $30.99


When it comes to computers, more specifically gaming, there is one thing that will set you apart from the rest of the guys on the server. That critical thing is reaction time and one of the biggest factors in poor reaction time, is having a slow and inaccurate mouse, causing you to die at a higher percentage rate in the game. There is a lot of competition in the gaming peripheral business and that gives us many options to choose from. The newest technology is laser mice, which allows for better precision and highly adjustable DPI (Dots Per Inch) for faster control.

One of these mice is the WOLFKING TROOPER Laser Gaming Mouse, which we are going to take a look at today. The WOLFKING TROOPER has a maximum resolution of 2200dpi. For those of you asking what dpi is, it is "Dots Per Inch". The higher the dpi, the more precise your movements are. The TROOPER also allows you to select rapid fire rates from one to four shots per mouse click. All that in a nice, inexpensive package? Well let's take a look and see for ourselves.

Closer Look:

The WOLFKING TROOPER Laser Gaming Mouse comes boxed in a nice package that lets you take a look at the mouse without having to guess before buying. The front and back have the Wolfking Combat Wolf design, while pointing out key features of the WOLFKING TROOPER to potential buyers.



The sides of the box display the specifications of the device, as well as a neat feature that the TROOPER has - adjustable rate of fire. We will get more into that feature during the testing phase of this review.



Once you open the box and remove the items, you find the WOLFKING TROOPER Laser Gaming Mouse itself, a quick start guide and a driver CD. The CD only contains the drivers and electronic version of the manual. This is a plug and play device which requires no software that needs configuring. All functions are contained on the WOLFKING TROOPER itself.


Now that everything is unpacked, let's dig deeper into what makes this thing tick.


Closer Look:

The first thing that you will notice is the look of the WOLFKING TROOPER. It is a full size mouse that holds your hand comfortable around it for long-term use. The buttons are spaced enough that you won't cramp your hand by constantly using them. The mouse has buttons for fire rate selector (F), the DPI selector (S), and two thumb buttons on the side. These are customizable via the in-game options and also act as forward/back buttons for your web browser. There is a scroll wheel at the top and the bottom houses the laser unit.








This TROOPER is a USB mouse, which makes it plug and play compatible and more accurate than a PS/2 Mouse.


Now let's get even closer to see what sets the WOLFKING TROOPER apart from the rest. First, we have the ability to select the sensitivity of the mouse. For those not familiar with mouse sensitivity, it is measured in DPI, or Dots Per Inch. This means that the higher the DPI, the faster the mouse will move. So if you slide the mouse to the left one inch on the lowest setting, it may only go a little to the left on the screen, but on a higher DPI, it could go all the way to the side of the viewing screen, allowing you faster in-game turning and movement. The TROOPER has three DPI settings: 800, 1600, and 2200 DPI. They are selected by clicking the "S" button above the scroll wheel to the desired setting. The LEDs by each DPI setting will glow, alerting you to the setting selected.




The next significant feature is the rate of fire selector. This allows you to discharge one to four rounds with each click on the trigger button. This can give you a really big advantage in a situation where timing is everything. There are three selections for this setting. For one shot the scroll wheel is not lit up, for two shots the wheel glows red, for three shots the wheel glows blue and for four shots, the wheel mixes the red and blue to make purple, but as you can see, the blue LED outshines the red, so it looks more blue-ish (last picture).



Now that we have the functions down, let's install the mouse and set it up for testing. 



Like I mentioned earlier, this device is plug and play. Windows should automatically install the driver upon plugging the device in. Fortunately, WOLFKING has been gracious enough to provide the drivers on disk, just in case you have a hiccup during installation. To install, just plug the USB connector into an empty slot on the back of your computer. Windows will alert you that a new PnP device has been found and will install the drivers for you in the background. Once done, it will then inform you that you need to restart the computer to complete the installation. Once restarted, you are ready to rock and roll.








Since there is no software to be used with the TROOPER, any configuration is performed via the individual programs themselves. This being a gaming mouse, you can set the two thumb buttons and the two pointer keys to whatever you like via the game options. You cannot change the fire and DPI buttons, as they only control those two settings.


Now that we have this gaming monster set, let's take a look at what it is made of, before putting it to the test.



Hand Orientation:
Tracking Method:
Scrolling Capability:
1 x Wheel
Red, Blue, Black, Gray
Minimum dpi:
Maximum dpi:




Now that we have taken a look at this "gamer's firearm" let's see how well it performs where it really counts. I am going to put the WOLFKING TROOPER to the test on several popular first person shooter games and see how well it stands up compared to the Logitech G5 and the Logitech G9 gaming mice. All of the mice are wired and connected via USB. The tests I will perform are for speed, comfort, precision and the ability to customize. All scores are on a scale of 1 to 100, with higher being better.

Testing Setup:



First up, is the speed. The TROOPER, like the others, has the ability to switch DPI sensitivity on the fly by pressing a button. You can go from 800 to 1600 to 2200 DPI with three clicks. At 2200 DPI, the mouse had great sensitivity and gave me the ability to do a 360 degree turn in-game, with only a slight move of the mouse to the left or right.


Comfort means the world when gaming, especially if you are like me and would rather play than sleep. I measured comfort by how my hand felt during use and whether it got cramped after playing for two straight hours.


Now for the part that means living or dying. Precision in a first person shooter is critical to get the winning shot. I measure precision by averaging how many shots landed on the intended target. To do this, I shot ten rounds three times at a moving target and multiplied the average number of successful shots by ten to get the score.


For the last test, I looked at the ability to customize the mouse. The TROOPER has two thumb buttons that can be set in-game, but none of the other buttons can be set (with the exception of the two main ones for firing).



I must say I went into this review with high hopes and the TROOPER came through. The WOLFKING TROOPER gave devices from a more well-known company a run for their money. I would have like to have seen more customizable options in the form of software, to set things like macros for games, but that is just a personal preference. Overall, I am pleased with the performance of the WOLFKING TROOPER. It gives you nice bang for your buck. One concern I have, is that it feels fragile in my hands, like I might break it while squeezing the buttons.

Overall, the mouse did make it nice to have the option to increase the sensitivity on the fly. While playing Battlefield 2142, it was so much easier to drive a tank on the higher sensitivity, thus making it take less time to turn the turrets to engage. The ability to adjust the rate of fire was great too, especially in Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat's multiplayer. I am the type of player that takes one or two or three shots at a time, so I set the fire rate to multiple shots for every one click. This made taking out enemies at longer ranges with single shot guns much easier. If you are looking for an inexpensive mouse to replace a basic one, then you might want to take a look at the TROOPER mouse by WOLFKING. It will not leave you hanging out to dry on the battlefield.