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WolfKing Trooper MVP Gaming Mouse Review

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The first thought I had when I grabbed the mouse for the time was that it was way too light, especially since I'm used to carrying the weight of the batteries in my wireless mouse. It would be a really neat addition to have a system to add weights like Logitech's G9. For me, at least, that would greatly benefit the mouse in general, especially the precision. Add to that a surface with more grip, and we'd have an excellent mouse on our hands! Another somewhat weak point, although that really depends on how your computer desk is set up, was that I found the USB cable was a bit on the short side.

The Trooper is a very comfortable mouse, your hand lays perfectly on it, and it still feels good even after several hours of use. It did lack in grip though, so I found that even with the grooves on the right and left buttons my fingers tended to slip, but the thumb area had a rubbery texture, so that was good.

Now, this mouse is far from being bad - it does have some great advantages over its competitors. The ability to change the speed and DPI of the mouse on-the-fly just by the touching a button was awesome - no need to pause your gaming session just because you realize you forgot to switch the mouse's software to a faster setting. For general browsing, 800 DPI has a very good feel, and when I Alt-Tabbed back into game (I do it a lot), I could just switch back to 1600 or 2400 and quickly get into the action again! Also, being able to get up to four continuous shots in a single click has definitely proven useful in many situations. Crysis, or any other FPS for that matter, is a great example, because you get the precision of a single shot with the strength of multiple shots. The Fire and Speed buttons are right where they should be, so going through the different modes was a breeze! Besides those two very interesting features, the WolfKing Trooper MVP was possibly the simplest gaming mouse to install, which is pretty cool, since you don't have to tinker around with the software. Every feature is at your fingertips!



  • On-the-fly customization
  • Adjustable rate of fire
  • Very fast
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to setup



  • Too light
  • USB cable a bit short
  • Surface could use more grip


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