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Leadtek WinFast Nvidia Geforce 3 Titanium 500 review



You may ask yourself, Why do I need to overclock a video card that is already the fastest on the market? Well, if you run a high resolution like 1920x1200 or 2048x1536 and have your graphics settings turned to high, your going to lag (Frame rate wise). Or maybe you just want to beat your friend and blow their 3DMark2001 score away. In any case, you can overclock your video card to get somemore performance out of it. My friend Greg, showed me this game called Microsoft Train Sim. Sound's cheesy I know, but this game has some awesome graphics, and it's great for testing video cards. I was running 1024x768 32bit color, and all of the graphic settings in that game on high, and I was getting 28-35fps. That should tell you how detail the graphics are in this game. As you can see, if I were to overclock my video card I could run a higher resolution in that game without a bad frame rate. We already did a small overclock earlier when we were playing the Quake3 demo. We are going to really see what this card, and the stock heatsink/fan is made of.

Overclocking this card is very easy. Right click your desktop and click properties, click on the settings tab, then on advance. Now, find the Geforce 3 TI 500 tab and click it then click on the Additional Properties button. Lastly, click the Clock Frequencies tab and you should see that looks like this:

If you don't see this screen, go back and try again :) To enable overclocking of your card you need to checkmark the box at the top. Once you have done that, you should be able to adjust the core and memory settings. We have already done 250/525 and it worked great. We will now try and go higher, say.. 260/550. If this is the first that you have overclocked your video card, it's best to start low and work your way up. When overclocking there is always a "sweet" spot that is fast and yet stable. I'm sure with an upgraded heatsink and fan we can go even higher with this card. I'll try and upgrade the heatsink and fan and see how much more I can overclock, and I'll update this review with my results.


I'm very happy with this card and there are alot of things I like about this card, but there are also a few things I don't like. I don't like the small fan that they put on the heatsink, I think they should have put dual fans or one good fan. The price of this thing is outrageous! I would recommend you wait until the price drops before buying one. Lastly, an overclocked Geforce 3 would just about be head and head with this card. If you want to save some money, go with the Geforce 3 and overclock it, and you should come close to the speed and performance of this card. The software bundle wasn't impressive at all. My SB Live! X-Gamer "$100 Sound card" came with more games and software than this $300 video card. Don't get me wrong, the Geforce 3 TI 500 is a superior card, and should be around along time!


  • Fast!!!
  • Excellent graphics!
  • Very overclockable


  • Very expensive!
  • About the speed of an overclocked Geforce 3
  • Needs a fan and heatsink upgrade
  • Lacks a good software bundle

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    2. What you get
    3. Installation & Performance
    4. Overclocking & Conclusion
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