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Wi-Fi cAntenna Deluxe 10


cAntenna Specifications
Frequency: 2.05-2.67 GHz
Gain (10"): 15-18 dbi
Gain (5"): 10-12 dbi
Beam Width (10"): Approx. 55 Degrees
Beam Width (5"): Approx. 75 Degrees
Impendence: 50 Ohm
Wattage: 10W
Connector Type: N Female
Polarization: Vertical & Horizontal

In-depth Look
The Deluxe cAntenna is about 10 inches in length and is made from a custom tube with weatherized N-Female Bulkhead connector with gold-plated contacts and solder lug ring for attaching a ground wire. O-rings inside and out provide a weather-proofing seal. It has a powder-coated high-tech, wrinkle black finish that gives it that weatherized feel. You will also find a universal tripod mount on it, that fits all types of camera tripods.

The opening of the can is capped off by a plastic cap, which is glued on.

There is a warning that states: "You should not open the can as it is vacuumed and sealed and could possibly harm the strength of the cAntenna." It also states to NEVER open the can or look in it when the device is operating. The cAntenna produces harmful microwaves that could damage your vision. However, being curious as I am I just had to open it up and snap a picture. The connector within the can seems to of been sealed fairly tight to prevent water and moisture from entering.

On the so-called bottom of the can, we find the tripod mount and the N-Female connector. As I said above, the tripod mount is universal so you shouldn't have any problems finding a tripod for it. The instructions state that you should be very careful when screwing on the pigtail to the N-Female connector as to not over tighten or not to cross thread it.

The Mini-Tenna is exactly the same as it's bigger brother, but it's shorter. The Mini-Tenna also has a different "beam" width and reach. More about this later on in the review when we test it.

The Mini-Tenna has all of the same features as the Deluxe; Weatherized construction, wrinkle black finish, universal tripod mount, and N-Female connector. One advantage I found that the Mini-Tenna has over the Deluxe, is that it fits on my Mini tripod better.

The pigtail that was included for me to review, is the 60 inch model (Remember the pigtail is sold seperately). When purchasing a pigtail you should keep in mind that you loose some performance (dBi gain) for every inch of cable. While the 60" model is great for mobility, it does hinder the performance somewhat. The pigtail (RF Cable) has a N-Male connector that connects to your N-Female connector and a connector that connect your Wifi Card (I believe is called MC Card Connector?).

Lastly we have the two-sided instruction guide that was provided. One side has a lot of helpful hints to help you understand more of how the cAntenna works and how to better use it. The other side has some setup information, precautions, and warnings.

  1. Introduction, Wi-Fi Crash Course, cAntenna Uses & cAntenna Projects
  2. cAntenna Specifications, What's Included, In-depth Look,
  3. Setup & Software
  4. Testing & Conclusion
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