Avanquest Web Easy Professional 6 Review

Makaveli - 2007-03-02 22:01:59 in Software
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Reviewed on: March 7, 2007
Price: $49.95 USD


With today’s billions and billions of web pages, it’s almost imperative for creators to have easy-to-use website building software. Perhaps the most well known web site creation software on the market is Macromedia Dreamweaver. For most, $400 it isn’t too cost-effective. But now, VCOM has introduced their “Web Easy Professional 6” which has been quoted to be easier to use than Dreamweaver. Could a product one-eighth the price of Dreamweaver be an easier and more efficient way to produce high-quality web sites? Let’s take a look!

VCOM was founded in 1986 and is now most recognized for their PC utilities products. They have produced many products all of which are designed to be easy for beginners and yet still powerful enough for experts.

Closer Look:

The box is about seven inches tall and four inches wide. It contains the install CD, an extremely helpful 164-page instruction booklet, and a brochure on various other VCOM products.


Installation is very simple. Just pop the disc into your optical drive and click “Install” when the menu appears. For me, it took 10 minutes to fully install everything on the disc (including all the optional clipart). When you click “Install” you’ll have the option to install Web Easy Professional 6 or additional software. I installed the Web Easy Professional 6 first, followed by “MotionArtist 2.0” which is a program designed to help the user create Flash animations without having to write a script for anything. The other program they offer is “WebCEO” which analyzes your website and helps get your pages to be the first results to pop up from searches, but you must purchase it to use it.



Test System (All Stock):

To test this software, I am going to build a sample site. I will record difficulties that I had while making the site, as well as what I found to be extremely easy. The first thing that you see is the “Activity Center” which is an extremely easy way to get started. For my project, I chose to create a website with a template.

After I picked out where I wanted my project to be saved, it was time to begin. The first thing I did was turn off the “File Browser” in the “View” menu and enable the “Inspector”. This “Inspector” is displayed on the right side of the workspace and it contains 3 tabs; properties, style, and layers. The “Properties” and “Style” tab interchangeably show information about whatever it is you’re selecting. They each have some different attributes which they report but for the most part, it’s just basic information such as color, size, dimensions, file name, etc. The “Layers” tab informs the creator about all of the different objects that the page they are viewing uses. Now that we know what the “Inspector” is all about, let’s see what else the workspace offers!

The first thing that caught my attention was the menu bar on the left hand side. When I opened Web Easy Professional 6, it shows the “Home” button selected. From here you can preview and publish your work as well as create new documents and web sites. The second and third picture display the options you get when you click the "Web Site" button. I decided to make this website "HTML with CSS". Under the advanced options, you can edit the META tags and description. Unfortunately, Web Easy Pro wants you to purchase iEasySite to host your website. Let’s start editing this template to turn it into an attractive website!

To get started, I clicked the “Edit” button on the left hand side of the workspace to see all of my options. Being fluent in HTML, I can tell you that I always code top to bottom, so let’s edit in that format. The first thing I did was set the background color to the OverclockersClub blue. You can change the page’s background color by clicking the “Page” tab on the left hand menu and selecting “Background” from the newly available options. After the background, I decided to get the main heading, motto, and navigation bar out of the way. I absolutely love how easy it is to make objects and text into links. You just right click the object/text and click “Link” then select the appropriate values. For me, I was just linking to another page in the website so I simply clicked the “Page” radio button. To change text color, you click the text and then go to the “Style” tab in the “Inspector” on the right-hand side of the workspace. “Face Color” is what you’re looking to change.

By clicking the “Text” button on the left menu, you can see all the available options to change your text from looking boring to looking professional. To spice things up, I wanted to make the OverclockersClub heading move across the screen. It was so easy to do that. All I did was go to "Arrange" on the left menu and then clicked "Animation" on the top menu. It gave me two dots which are the path lines for the animation. Awesome, I have a working animation on my page now! After all of my headings and colors were set, I thought that I was going to have to spend hours to recreate the same text on the other pages, but I was mistaken. It was so easy, I couldn’t believe it! I just copied each heading and then clicked the “Next Page” button on the upper-right hand corner and clicked copy. Guess what? It copied the position, color, dimensions, and style! I’m loving this software so far…

Testing (Cont.)

The next thing that I want to add into my page is an image. So the image I'm going to use is an OCC wallpaper resized to 400 x 283 pixels. To find it, I went to "View" and clicked "File Browser". The first image below is of the file browser. I navigated through it to my image which was on the Desktop. Once I had it on my site, I wanted to resize it. All I had to do was click the image and then drag the corners to where I wanted the image! Much easier than I thought.

To finish my page, I want to add a table for a form on the "Contact Us" page. Inserting a table is simple, all you have to do is go to "Insert" then "Table". I was very suprised at how many different options they provided for tables! It was so easy to set up my form, I'm almost at loss for words. After I added my form, I wanted to make sure my links were all correct. Instead of going through and individually selecting each link and seeing where it goes, I found a much easier method. I went to "Tools" on the left hand menu and then "Link Map" appeared on the top menu so I clicked it. Wow, is that awesome or what?

Well that concludes the site that I made! I could go into every single detail about every option in this program but it would just be way too long. It took only about an hour to create this professional, simple, and informative site. This site, with the way I made it, would have taken me hours to recreate it in Dreamweaver.


If you're looking for an easy-to-use web site creator; you have to pick this product up! I was simply blown away at how easy, powerful, and fun it was to use. This program is stuffed full with tools that makes creating websites so much easier. What makes this program even better than Dreamweaver is the price. You can save some money and get the same, if not better, performance than Dreamweaver produces. I've used both and I'm going to flat out admit that Web Easy Professional 6 better suited my needs in making a professional, and yet simple, website in a reasonable amount of time. Spanning from personal websites to major business websites, Web Easy Professional 6 can do it all!