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Vizo Uranus Review



    You can use the Vizo Uranus in two ways with the USB connector: for system and file back up or as an external hard drive. The Uranus also comes with a SATA to eSATA converter. One concern of mine is that with PC Clone EX, if you are going to choose System Backup, you will need to format the drive using FAT32, which I feel is somewhat behind the times. When using File Backup, you can use NTFS, which has a more stable kernel.

I will first test the Uranus using USB for back up. The compression ratio will be at its default setting of five, on a scale from one to ten. I am also interested in seeing how well the drive will do under HD Tach. Hopefully, it will answer some questions about latency. Then I will test it as an external hard drive, which I will use HD Tach as the benchmark.

Testing Setup:

  • AMD Athlon 4600+ X2
  • MSI K8N Neo-4  Platinum
  • OCZ Platinum Rev.2 pc3200 DDR (2x512)
  • OCZ Game X Stream 600W PSU
  • Seagate 750 GB SATA HD (internal)
  • Seagate 750 GB SATA HD (external)
  • XFX (nVidia) 7600 GT XXX
  • Windows XP Pro SP2
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • nVidia 93.71 Drivers

  • USB/PC Clone EX v 1.83.05 (System Backup and File Backup, HD Tach)
  • eSATA (HD Tach)

Let’s look at how quickly System Backup transfers files. The total amount of transferred files was 9.07 GB and it took sixteen minutes thirty nine seconds to complete.

Now let’s see if File Backup is any quicker. The total amount transferred was 4.35 GB; total time to backup was twelve minutes forty two seconds.

Both transfers took a little longer than I had expected, but I have not used other external hard drive enclosures before. Though when you consider that with the transfer rates of USB thumb drives, depending on the size, it may take two minutes to copy files, the transfer times were not too bad. Let's see why using HD Tach.


Higher = Better

Higher = Better

Lower = Better

Lower = Better

After running HD Tach, I can see why I felt like it took a while to transfer my files. The latency drops down a significant amount, which is reflected in the burst speed and average read.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Configuration
  3. Configuration Continued & Specifications
  4. Testing
  5. Testing (Continued) & Conclusion
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