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VisionTek Black Box HD3850 Review

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If you are looking for a new video card to play some of those new games that you just got for the holidays, you are in luck. The VisionTek HD3850 is the best HD3850 card I have seen. Like all other VisionTek video cards, it comes pre-overclocked, which is great for those of you who are either new to overclocking video cards or who are not very comfortable doing it yourself. The VisionTek HD3850 beat the Sapphire HD3850, as well as the HD3870, in almost all the benchmarks, and stayed right up there with the other cards it was compared against. At the lower resolutions the results were close, but once the resolutions increased, the additional memory and clock speed on both the core and memory really show the benefit to getting a factory overclocked video card. The VisionTek HD3850 came installed with a dual-slot cooling solution, which helps battle the high temperatures that video cards these days reach. This will come in handy during those long hours of playing GPU intensive games. This video card will definitely be replacing the current HD3850 that I was using. More processing power, more memory and better cooling means VisionTek has improved the HD3850 to become a better performance value.



  • Pre-Overclocked
  • Relatively quiet
  • Drivers CD was simple
  • Dual-Slot cooling solution
  • Great looks
  • Price



  • None
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