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Visiontek HD4870 Review

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I again find myself very impressed with the ATI based HD 4870 video cards. The performance is outstanding, and when you factor in the price, you can not go wrong with the Visiontek HD 4870. For years there has been a war between the two graphics chip superpowers, ATI and nVIDIA, with the balance of power constantly shifting. This time ATI has taken the war by force with the HD 4800 series cards. Sure, nVIDIA has the GTX 280 which in some benchmarks is slightly better, but when you factor in the price tags, the HD 4870 comes out on top. Combine two of these beasts in a Crossfire combination and you will have a winning system. Not only is this a killer card for gaming, but with HDCP built into the card on-chip as well as built-in HDMI and 7.1 surround sound support, your movies and other media will play crisp and smoothly.

I am still weary about the heat issues however. Whether it can be fixed with a software update or by using third party cooling solutions, something needs to be done by the card manufacturers to address this issue. I am surprised no one is worried about this except us, the consumers, especially since case temperatures go up because of the added heat radiating from the graphics card. I am also surprised that the HD 4870 is not very overclockable since the HD 4850 card has the same core.  Either way, this is a win-win card and I recommend it to anyone building a new system or wanting to upgrade their current one. You will not be disappointed.



  • Rivals the speed of the GTX 260
  • GDDR5 memory
  • CrossfireX support for multi-GPU setups
  • On-Chip HDCP
  • 55nm manufacturing process
  • Built-in HDMI and 7.1 surround sound support
  • Price to performance ratio very impressive 



  • Still has the heating issue
  • Not very high overclocking potential


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