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Patriot Viper Fin DDR3 PC14400 2 x 1 GB Review

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Having a set of memory that can scale with the CPU you have is a bonus that can't be understated. The Patriot Viper Fin PC3 14400 modules do this very well. The modules provide this benefit at low latencies running at a 1t command rate. Each set of DDR3 memory I have tested has been able to do this up to the highest possible clock speed I could reach, and this set is no different in that respect. The gaming performance improvements I noticed with Patriot's PC3 12800 Viper Fin Modules continues with this set of modules. Patriot make use of a proprietary cooling system for the Viper Fin series of modules; the ACC Technology (Aluminum Copper Composite) heatshields kept the modules nice and cool during testing. While any modules is going to be warm to the touch with 2.0+ volts running through them, the Patriot modules remained cool with just normal case airflow. After pushing the timings to 6-5-5-16 at 1333MHz on the PC3 12800 modules, I tried the same thing with the PC3 14400 modules and was pleasantly surprised to see them reach the same latencies with the same low 1.76 volts. With literally the same abilities as the PC12800 set of Viper Fin modules, I figured that the PC3 14400 set would follow suit in the overclocking department, but they fell a little short of the 1600MHz rated modules at 1884MHz versus 1924MHz. What this amounts to in real world terms is 20MHz worth of raw clockspeed on the modules. That kind of difference will only be noticeable by the hardcore benchmark crowd as it was not noticeable in everyday tasks and gaming.

Migrating to DDR3 comes with the same initial challenges as DDR2, higher price and a perceived lack of performance. At comparable speeds with the same timings, the gap is not going to be noticed by many. What DDR2 cannot do even as it has matured is to scale up toward 800 or 900MHz speeds. Those are the exclusive domain of DDR3 modules. With the added bandwidth and performance at these speeds, migrating to DDR3 on the current crop of boards would be a wise decision. If cool running, good looking extreme performance modules are in your future, the Patriot Viper Fin Low Latency series of modules offer excellent performance for your hard earned dollars.


  • Unique Heatspreader Design
  • Cool Running Modules
  • Gaming Performance
  • Can Run Tight Timings at Low Speeds
  • Overclocking Headroom
  • XMP Profiles
  • High speeds at 1t


  • None
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