Vigor 500 UV Sleeved 500Watt Power Supply Unit Review

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Reviewed on: October 10, 2004
Price: $64.95 USD

On both sides of the power supply unit there are blue acrylic windows that allow you to see the inner working of the power supply. Although it would have been nice if they could have sleeved the cables inside or at least made them neater. I think the windows look cool but they really serve no purpose if you can't see the power supply through the window of your case.

This power supply unit looks as if it was specifically designed with server towers in mind. The cables are more than long enough to insure that they will reach all of your devices in your large full tower or server case. It's really too bad that they can't make the cables retractable for users with small cases to help reduce clutter.

There are a total of eight 4-pin molex connectors for use on hard drives or optical drives, two 4-pin floppy connectors, and of course your 20-pin atx, +12v CPU, and 6-pin AUX connectors. The power supply does not support fan monitoring. A lot of power supplies have a wire that you can connect to your motherboard so that you can monitor the RPM speeds of the power supply unit fans. This isn't a big deal to me since I never bothered hooking them up to begin with. However, it could see how some users might find it of interest. You could setup Motherboard Monitor (Download Page) to alert you or even shutdown your computer if the fans were ever to fail.

One notable feature about the connectors is the little tabs on both sides of the connectors. These little tabs make it extremely easy to unplug them from devices. You no longer have to wiggle the connectors side to side to pull them out. The tabs allow you to have a strong grip on the connector to effortlessly pull the connector out of devices.

The guts of the power supply unit are just like any other. We can see that they are using two aluminum heat sinks to help keep the power supply unit cool; and with the two large fans, cooling it should not be a problem. There appears to be plenty of room to add an additional fan in the rear of the power supply unit. If you really wanted a good flow of air through the power supply unit, you could always add a fan there to help blow air out.

One great feature about this power supply is the sleeved cables but what makes it even better is they are UV active! This means when you put the cables under a UV light, they'll shine a bright blue color! As you can see from the picture above, they produce an extremely bright blue color that will be sure to brighten up any case.

When taking a closer look at the sleeved cables, it almost appears as if the wires inside are invisible! The pictures really do not show the effects that you would see if you saw it with your own eyes. Not only are the sleeved cables UV active, but the connectors are as well.

Lastly, we'll take a look at the power supply with the LED's on. As you can see from the 120mm fan in the picture above, there are a total of four LED's on the fan. The 80mm fan also has a total of four LED's in it and they both together emit a very bright blue colored glow.

The back of your case will glow as well, since the blue LED's shine brightly through the mesh in the back of the power supply. This also serves as a nice work light for when you need to plug cables in the back of your computer :)

Finally, here is what the blue acrylic window looks like with the LED's turned on. The bright LED's makes it easy to see inside this messy power supply unit. I'll probably end up getting some UV wire ties to clean up the messy wires , which is something the manufacture could have easily done for us.


Test Setup:

Unfortunately, I was not able to test the power supply unit with Motherboard Monitor since the motherboard that I am using is not yet supported by Motherboard Monitor. However, I did get some tests results using a multimeter and the multimeter should provide much more accurate results than MBM or the BIOS.

Multimeter Test
Rail Low High
3.3 Volt 3.35 3.39
5.0 Volt 5.19 5.21
12 Volt 12.20 12.23

The results in the table above reflect each voltage rail with both the high and low results. Of course "high" means this is the highest I ever saw the PSU reach while testing it and "low" means it's the lowest I saw the voltage drop while testing. As you can see the power supply did a very good job at handling all of my devices and it was very stable (no voltage drops or jumps).


The only real negative I have about this power supply unit is the exclusion of SATA connector’s built into the power supply. While they did include SATA adapters to convert 4-pin molex to SATA compatible connectors, this only adds to the mess of wires inside a case. All of the other features are very much welcomed; such as the sleeved cables (which are UV active blue), LED fans, variable fan controller, and the acrylic windows are a nice touch too! While I still think there is some room for improvement on this nearly perfect power supply, I really don't believe it gets much better than this for the price. For around $65 bucks you can get this 500 watt power supply unit; or if 500 watts is an over kill, then you could get the 400 watt Vigor for only $40 bucks. I really consider that to be a good deal considering all of the features the Vigor has on it.

The bottom line is: If you're looking for a new power supply or if you want to spruce up your case then you should take a look at the Vigor 500 because I think it will have all of the features that you're looking for. Just remember if you have serial ATA devices, you'll be using the SATA adapters to hook your devices up.