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Vidabox Premium Wireless Keyboard Review



Overall, the Premium Wireless keyboard is nicely designed for use as an HTPC keyboard. Its slim size and light-weight, make it ideal for placing on a couch or coffee table next to your media hub. As I mentioned before, the wireless range is outstanding and the keyboard hotkeys are useful and intuitively placed. Installation and configuration could not be any easier - just plug in the Bluetooth transmitter, marry the Vidabox keyboard to the transmitter and you are off to the races. Instead of using an optical sensor for the trackball, Vidabox has followed the path that many traditional pointing devices have traveled, by installing a laser instead of an optical sensor. Ideally, precision and movement should improve with this type of addition. In this case, the trackball was very sensitive, so adjusting the sensitivity to the level that works best for you is preferred.

On the other hand, the Premium Wireless wasn't as impressive when used for certain simple tasks. For example, typing and editing a document was frustrating, due to the proximity of the keys to each other. After using the Vidabox keyboard the size is much the same as a laptop keyboard and is arranged similarly key size and all. In addition, the styling of the keyboard is uninteresting and the color scheme is dated. HTPC keyboards are evolving all the time as more and more computer users are building an HTPC for their home entertainment needs. When you throw pricing into the equation the Vidabox keyboard will fulfill the need until the next big evolution at the right price.

Vidabox has given the OCC readers a bonus and have offered up a 10% discount when the Vidabox Premium Wireless Keyboard is purchased from their e-store. Use coupon code overclockersclub to get your discount



  • Small size
  • Light weight
  • Incredible range
  • Practical shortcuts
  • Ease of installation
  • Track ball design



  • Bland aesthetics
  • Cramped keys



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