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Vantec Nexus (NXP-305-SL) Review



Once again, Vantec USA has created another great product. It's ability to control fans from off to full speed is a great ability that was missing from the other Nexus models. Add that to the ability to control case lighting and you've got a winner. If you were to buy a 12" dual CCFL kit and a fan controller separately, you'd be spending in the upwards of $50.00, with the NXP-305-x you get the dual CCFLs and a fan controller for about $40.00, it is really a great deal. Like always, Vantec has produced a silver version as well as a black version for those of you with black cases. Also, for those of you who own Vantec's spectrum CCFLs, they will work with the NXP-305-x, allowing you to go from the included blue CCFLs to red, blue, green, or ultra-violet.

As with any product, there is always some down points about it, and the NXP-305-x is no exception. The main downside, which some people may actually like, is the strobe effect caused by fans. This of course is less of a problem as the fans are moved further away form the Nexus. I managed to run 2x 80mm Tornado fans in my Lian Li PC70 case with only a small strobe effect.


Looks Great


Includes 2x CCFLs Unlike Most Other Light Controllers

Fits in a 3.5" Drive Bay

Ability To Use Other Vantec CCFLs

Adjust Fans From Off To Full Speed

Works With High CFM Fans (Tornado, Sunon, Delta)

Available In Black Or Silver


Strobe Effect By High Noise Fans

Only Available In Black Or Silver

Only Sold With Blue CCFL

Only Available With Blue LEDs

Only Able To Adjust CCFLs At The Same Time, Not Separately

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  3. Conclusion
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