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Vantec Spectrum Mouse Pads Review


In-Depth Look Continued
The surface of the mousepad itself its a micro-stippled design, allowing for the use of both optical and ball mice. As far as I can tell, the surface has been bonded to the body of the mousepad. Its extremely secure (I can't pry it up) and there is a slight ridge from the miniscule drop from the surface to the body that serves as a finder for the edge of the surface by touch.

Now to the fun part - it glows! Well, really that's about it. The switch allows for control of the cold cathode, and the mousepad itself glows a nice blue, easily noticible and quite bright in the dark, but not quite as noticible in normal light. The cathode doesn't heat up the mousepad, so you're not going to have a hot wrist after extended use.

Once again, we will be testing with the Logitech MX700 mouse. The mouse has pre-applied teflon tape attached to it (allows similar conditions for testing and comparison) even though none was included with the Spectrum Mousepad. For testing, once again I got to have a bit of fun and play some of my favourite games, paying attention to how many times I had to pick up my mouse, the ease of use on the surface, accuracy and comfort.

The Vantec Spectrum Mousepad was great for ease of use, the mouse glides over the surface quite smoothly. Because of the material used, there is a bit of noise (slight plastic-on-plastic rubbing-type noise) but its hardly noticible if you have even ambient noise from games. The accuracy and response is excellent, definately on par with our best thus far, and the comfort (as mentioned before) is great because of the ergonomical design.

However, where the Vantec Mousepad falls woefully short is mousing surface. At 18cm in diameter, the circular mousing surface provides almost enough room for desktop cruising, but for games its not nearly enough. In Counter-Strike I was constantly having to pick up my mouse, and the mouse would often bump off the side of the surface. The mousing surface was only good for wrist movement - anything more and its off the side.


Although an excellent mousepad in terms of performance, the Vantec Spectrum Mousepad just isn't BIG enough to offer a viable solution for a gamer. Now, if you're just an internet surfer looking for a sweet looking mousepad, then this is a good choice. For gamers, it doesn't beat our current champ because we simply need that big surface for one less distraction and continuous motion. The mousepad is durable, the surface allows accurate optical mousing, and the cold cathode looks great, so if you really want to go for the ultimate matching accessory for your mod, then the Vantec Spectrum Mousepad is for you.


  • Very durable
  • Looks great!
  • Comfortable
  • Performs excellently
  • Glows! (with on/off switch)
  • Doesn't hog one of your USB ports


  • Mousing surface too small

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