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Vantec Spectrum Mouse Pads Review


In-Depth Look
The mousepad was safely delivered to me inside a cardboard box with foam chips. The mousepad itself was in it's retail packaging - clamshell sealed plastic. It makes for nice packaging, but once the package is open, unfortunately it doesn't close again (especially when you tear it apart with scissors...). Fortunately, this packaging is good and strong, which means your mousepad is safe and sound inside.

The mousepad includes a USB plug/switch, which allows you to power the mousepad without the inconvenience of tying up one of your USB ports. This may not be a problem for those motherboards which have 4+2 USB ports on the back and 2 more for the front, but its nice for lesser boards which might only have 2 total. The cord is definately long enough, at nearly a meter and a half (140cm). This plugs into the mousepad itself, right beside a convenient switch which allows you to choose whether or not the cathode is on.

The mousepad itself is appealing to the eye, and ergonomically shaped. The indent in the front alleviates pressure on your carpel tunnel, and the rounded edges help with that - much better then on the corner edge of a desktop. The height of the mousepad may be unappealing to some, as it is over a centimeter thick, but because of the design, I found I wasn't paying very much attention to that. The mousepad is made tough - I dropped it a couple times to make sure - and the cold cathode still works after a bunch of abuse. The mousepad is made from PVC, so it can be scratched, but its tough enough to take pretty much anything short of a steel edge.

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