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Motion DSP vReveal Software Review



I will test this program by using a few of the videos provided, and then by testing a few of my own videos. I will use One Click Fix and then use fine tuning to see if I can improve the video any more manually. I will provide a before picture, a One Click Fix picture, and a Fine Tuning picture for comparison. Let's see if this program can actually do what it's supposed to do.


Testing Setup:

  • Processor: i7 920
  • Motherboard: MSI platinum
  • Memory: 6GB Mushkin DDR3 (1600)
  • Video Card: ASUS ENGTS 250
  • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate


Included Videos:

The first video I tested is what I'll call "books." It featured books that were slightly distorted, but you could still read some of the titles. Hitting One Click Fix brightened the whole pictured, made it easier to read the titles, and made the overall picture clearer. I was then able to brighten the video more and make it a little sharper.



The next video is a picture of a city. The video is extremely distorted and grainy. Most people would call it, "An amateur piece of crap." Come on be honest - don't we all take videos like this from time to time? One Click Fix was amazingly able to clear up most of the video, at least to the point where it is recognizable as a city. I was able to brighten the picture some more, but other than that, One Click Fix got pretty much everything that needed to be done to fix it up! Check it out!



The next video is a dark, slightly distorted video of coral. It actually looked like what you might expect an underwater video to look like. For this reason I didn't think much could be done to it. Boy was I wrong! Hitting One Click Fix made the film clip much more colorful. I then tried to increase the brightness and focus. I can't say what I did was an improvement compared to the One Click Fix, but it was fun to crank it up a notch! Once again, check it out! Whoa baby!



The next video was a grainy video of a dog on a couch. At this point I was thinking One Click Fix can fix a video way better then I could, and it did make the dog look much clearer. However, I was still unimpressed by the darkness of the video . I tried brightening it and managed to make the video look look even better.



I'm calling this next video "Shelves" for lack of a better name. I can't really explain what it is, or what's wrong with it for that matter. Looking at it however you can tell that it's just plain messed up. So I clicked One Click Fix, and I swear it fixed 20 different things. The video was suddenly more colorful, more clear, and overall way better. I was then able to smooth it out some, as well as add a little bit more color. Overall, I was very happy with the way this video turned out. Double whoa baby!



My Videos:

This first video is of my dog. It wasn't all that bad, but improvements could be made. One Click Fix was able get rid of the slight grainy texture and improve the color in the video. I was then able to bring out a bit more color, as well as add a bit of texture.



Continuing on the theme of "My Dog," I attempted to take an extremely blurry video of her. As you can see, I had no problems achieving this. One Click Fix removed the distortion, and improved the color, but my dog was still blurry. I was then able to remove some of the blur. Not bad for a crap piece of video in the first place.



For my next video I decided to take some footage of my computer through the side panel window. Of course, it turned out blurry, distorted, and full of reflections. One Click Fix was able to brighten the picture and remove some distortion. I was then able to decrease blur, and in the process I added some grain.



I then zoomed in on some birds in a dark room. The result was a deliciously bad video of two green blobs in need of improvement. One Click Fix was able to clean up the video a great deal. It was actually able to remove the motion blur from me purposely shaking the camera while I filmed. To me that was VERY impressive. I was then able to brighten up the picture. As you can see, those green clumps in the original are actually birds. I am now expecting to finally see some stellar UFO footage in the next few years from users of this incredible product!



My next video proved to be very interesting. I took a video of a bug on the ceiling, and of course it was blurry. Clicking on One Click Fix however did not fix the video. Instead it turned the ceiling purple and turned the the bug into a large red blob. I thought to myself okay, this is interesting. So I re-recorded the bug, only this time I made it clear. Once again, I hit One Click Fix and this time it turned the bug and ceiling red. I guess the program just wanted to tell me that my room desparately needed some color!.



Even though the outcome of the bug was unsatisfactory, this program has greatly impressed me. I'm going to be honest. It really blew me away! I had no idea it would work the way it did. And this includes the bug!

Batch Saving:

vReveal gives you the option to Batch Save your videos. In order to do this, you simply edit the videos you want. You will then return to your gallery and CTRL click all of the videos you'd like to save. There is a "Save to Disk" button located near the folder's name that your videos are in. If you click on that, it will save all of the videos you've selected, and of course having your GPU enabled should increase this save time. When the GPU was enabled the video was saved in 1 minute and 39 seconds. When the CPU was the only componant working on the videos it took 2 minutes and 22 seconds, so there was a significant improvement here. Using the GPU shaved almost a whole minute off save times, and keep in mind these were only 30 second long videos. I'm sure if you're dealing with longer videos you'll see an even greater improvement.



Another thing to keep in mind is FPS performance in videos. As you enhance your videos, you'll see a very significant FPS drop. However, it did vary on the video and what settings you were using. While the GPU was enabled, there would be about a 20% improvement in FPS.

  1. Introduction & Getting Started
  2. First Impressions
  3. Closer Look (The Tools)
  4. Closer Look (The Settings)
  5. System Requirements
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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