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Motion DSP vReveal Software Review


Closer Look:

There are many settings that you can use along with the main seven tools. The first of which is what I'll call the trimmer. If you look down at the blue bar, that represents the length of the video and you'll see two black triangles. These triangles can be moved, and as you move them the length of the video is adjusted. This can be useful if you want to only show one part of your film clip.













The second setting is rotate 90 degrees. This of course will rotate your video 90 degrees. As for a use for this, I can't really think of any. Unless of course you want to make it look like your walking up a wall or something. Then, this effect could be quite useful.


At the bottom of the screen you'll find the usuall suspects; Play, Loop and Restart. Included with these, however are screenshots and the comparison button. The comparison button allows you to compare the video with what it looked like before side by side. This is a really cool feature!




The last setting is perhaps the most important. It's the ability to turn your GPU on or off. Having your GPU on will make the picture look a little better, but the main thing it is supposed to effect is saving/processing time. The GPU did take a lot of the load off of the CPU like it was supposed to, but here is the interesting thing. My i7 saved the program in more than half the time it took the GPU to do it. This confuses me, because according to MotionDSP, a GPU is supposed to be able to process more FPS than a CPU.




That considered, I tried another video and their graph proved to be correct. The CPU took a little over a minute, whereas the GPU took around 15 seconds.


  1. Introduction & Getting Started
  2. First Impressions
  3. Closer Look (The Tools)
  4. Closer Look (The Settings)
  5. System Requirements
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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