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Unreal Tournament 2004 (PC) Review



I first got my taste of UT2K4 back at Comdex last year, and I could tell then that this was going to be a hell of a game. If you played UT2K3, this may seam more like an expansion pack than a whole new game. For those that missed UT2K3 or the entire Unreal franchise you’re in for a treat.

The game has added a lot since 2K3, but I still find it lacking in some areas. The first area would be the map department. While including the maps from the last game was nice, they aren’t new. Sure, 45+ new maps have been included, but many of the maps have been focused in on the DM area. The other modes could use 10-15 maps. Remember, variety is the spice of life. Though as I said before, with the talent that many of the people in the Unreal Community have, I’m sure we’ll see a huge number of player made maps coming soon. And we’ve seen Epic release “Bonus Packs” in the past that include new maps. I more than expect this to happen with UT2K4.

While the sounds of the game are good, the music could use some updating. Battlefield: Vietnam was the first to include a real soundtrack; UT should follow in the like. Perhaps a streaming radio for UT? Now that would be awesome.

Most games when first released still have a few bugs to be worked out. I must say that I’m impressed with UT2K4 in this area. I’ve not noticed (or seen any reports on our forums) any bugs thus far. I’m sure there are some, but nothing that reaches out and grabs me.

Gamers Review
You’ve seen what I’ve thought about the game. But what do others have to say about it? To get some other feedback on the game, we asked our forum members what they thought about UT2K4 before posting our review. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

andrusk "All in all, this is a great game. And a must buy for any fps fan"
General912 "Love the new Onslaught mode. Really adds a new feel to the Unreal world. Vehicals are an added pluss. The DVD version is cool because its only two disks and comes with a logitech headset."
bishop245 "Great game i have the regular version and it is 6 cd's (more for me to lose) i do agree that the 5.5 gigs of space is crazy but the game is still fast paced and fun."
twohig5 "Big install, but thats what you get when you get that many high res textures, but then again this is the reason we have all those big hard drives. by far the best UT to date."
Capslock118 "The only thing missing in this game is some ninjas........and maybe a dragon or two."
roadkill "I like the new addition of veichles, the only thing i dont like is that the game is moving away from the tournament aspect."
ravix "Without the vehicles UT2003 was just an average fps with fantastic graphics. UT2004 has the best of both worlds: great graphics with some depth to back it up."


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