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Reviewed on: June 13, 2006
Price: $29.95
Even new PCs start to slow down and not work properly with extended use. The symptoms could be error messages, crashes, decreased performance and more. Most of the time these problems are software based and caused due to corrupt registry entries or settings, bad or unused drivers and residual files. Computer downtime can be very stressful and annoying, but thankfully Uniblue came up with a solid solution for this problem. Formerly known as LIUtilities, Uniblue was founded in 1999 with the objective of delivering data protection and recovery solutions for both personal and business use. Uniblue Registry Booster is an easy to use and flexible program for clearing and repairing the registry and fixing errors.

Closer Look
When the package arrived, it was in the form of a big, brown envelope. Inside there was a standard DVD case, placed in the middle of two bubble wrap layers. This provides a very simple, safe and secure container for the CD, and should prevent most damage. The black DVD case houses the CD as well as a sticker with the serial number. The DVD cover is attention grabbing, but at the same time still professional looking.


Installation of this product is extremely simple, just like almost any other piece of software. Insert the CD, run the install program, follow the instructions, insert the serial number (included inside the DVD case), and you’re good to go.

-Clean your system and boost performance
Boost system performance by cleaning out all missing, unwanted, obsolete and corrupt registry entries automatically with Registry Booster.
-Repair your PC and keep it tuned
Dramatically improve your computing experience by repairing all registry problems and preventing application seizures and crashes.
-Enhance System Stability and Efficiency
Even the newest of computers face the risk of errors or corruption - Registry Booster will prevent errors while keeping your PC stable and roaring at peak efficiency.
-Exceptionally Simple to Use
Set in a highly intuitive, attractive, logical and user-friendly graphical user interface, Registry Booster sets the standard for ease-of-use.
-Safe and Trusted
Avoid crashes, seizures, slow downs and error messages with the safest and most trusted solution from a leading software vendor.

Minimum Requirements:
- Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 500 Mhz compatible processor
- 128 MB RAM
- CD-ROM Drive
- 10 MB Free Disk Space
- Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

In order to test the program, I decided to clean out my computer, which was in use for about a month without me cleaning it. The PC was running slower than usual, I got errors at Windows start-up, and programs sometimes crashed to desktop. Before I ran the program, I recorded Windows boot-up times (from bios to desktop) with a stopwatch. After running Registry Booster for the first time, I noticed how simple and user-friendly their menu and navigation was. Even the most technically-challenged person could easily figure out how to run the scan. You can scan the registry for errors (and fix them afterwards), defrag the registry, restore to a previous registry status (that was backed up), or configure the options (Start when system boots up, Start scan when Registry Booster starts, Start Minimized in system tray, Confirm for creating backups before repairing).


Not only is the program extremely simple to use, but it is fast as well. Both scanning and defragging the registry with Uniblue Registry Booster took less than a minute (on a P4 3.0E). I noticed that system ran smoother, I got no more errors at startup and software crashes were less frequent.

I also recorded the Windows XP startup time after cleaning the registry, as well as after both cleaning and defragging the registry. The results showed that Registry Booster did in fact lower startup times:

I was impressed with the simple layout and navigation of Uniblue’s Registry Booster. The company came up with an original and effective solution to fixing Windows registry problems. At a price tag of around $30, you simply can’t go wrong. Uniblue also gives out a free Registry Booster trial; I suggest you check it out!


  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Backs up registry values before cleaning
  • Safe to use
  • Runs on the most common versions of Windows
  • None

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