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Makaveli - 2007-07-12 11:34:57 in Software
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Reviewed on: July 26, 2007
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After months of use, you might notice your computer's speed has been tarnished since the day you bought or built it. One of the most common ways to keep your computer up to speed is to keep the registry clean. The registry is where Windows configuration files among others are stored. The fewer files that are in your registry, the less time it will take Windows to sort through the registry. Uniblue's Registry Booster 2 will be put to the test to see how a cleaned registry impacts performance.  Just how clean will the registry be? How much will performance be altered? Is this registry software safe to use and will I have to worry about it corrupting registry files? Let's dig in to find out.

Uniblue is one of the leading companies in the software utilities industry, providing some of the most innovative products to help boost consumer's PC performance, security and stability. Since 2003 Uniblue has obtained many notable awards worldwide for their products and services. The company continues to strive and maintain their position as one of the elite in the software utilities industry.


Closer Look:

The Registry Booster 2 is in a cardboard CD case which has a flap that opens vertically. Labled on the inside and outside of the CD case are three qualities the software boasts: "Performance, Stability, Security". All three of these are important, so I am excited to see how this software performs.



To install Registry Booster 2, simply insert the installation CD into your optical drive and follow the on-screen instructions.






When I started the program up for the very first time, it automatically scanned my registry, which caught me a little bit off guard.  The only catch to this, is that you can't repair the errors or infections until you register the product.



The software has four major tabs and the first is "Overview". Under this tab you can find useful information such as when you last cleaned the registry, how many times you've defragged the registry, what your registry's health status is and the option to start scanning the registry.


The next tab is "Registry Scan", which is where you can select which parts of the registry you want cleaned. I was extremely happy to see a "System Drivers" option, so that clearing the drivers for video cards will be much easier. You can also start the registry scan from this tab too. Notice the tabs on the left as well. You'll see where you can find scan results and the tab to perform registry defragging. Registry defragging consolidates the registry. Definitely don't forget to defrag the registry when you clean the registry.



The next tab is "Restore" which is very helpful. Everytime the software cleans the registry, it prompts you to either make a full or partial registry backup, in case things don't go so well.  If something does go wrong, you can come to this tab and select the last backup you had and click "Restore" and you'll be back to that registry.




The last tab is called "Settings", which is where you can customize when Registry Booster 2 runs and if it scans automatically, etc. You can also find the "Ignore List" where you can tell the program to skip any of registry files you specify. The last section to the "Settings" tab is "Log Details", which is where a log is kept of everything you've done in the program itself.



Now that we've seen the program's options, let's test it out!







  • Clean your system and boost performance
    Boost system performance by cleaning out all missing, unwanted, obsolete and corrupt registry entries automatically with RegistryBooster 2.
  • Repair your PC and keep it tuned
    Dramatically improve your computing experience by repairing all registry problems and minimizing application seizures and crashes.
  • Exceptionally Simple to Use
    Set in a highly intuitive, attractive, logical and user-friendly graphical user interface, RegistryBooster 2 sets the standard for ease-of-use.
  • Enhance System Stability and Efficiency
    Even the newest of computers face the risk of errors or corruption - RegistryBooster 2 will minimize errors while keeping your PC stable and roaring at peak efficiency.
  • More scanning options
    Due to the improvements made to the scanning engine you are now able to scan for more sections within the registry.
  • An Ignore list
    This is quite an innovative feature and very useful for those users who are extra cautious with their registry. By specifying the Registry section and path the user will be able to exclude registry parts from the scan.
  • Log generation
    Displays a transcript of all the actions performed on the registry by a particular fix operation. Especially helpful for those users wanting to know what has been done to their registry.
  • Windows Vista Compatible
    RegistryBooster 2 is now fully Windows Vista Compatible and can still be run on Windows XP and 2000. The program automatically adapts itself according to the version of your operating system so you do not have to configure any manual settings.
  • Safe and Trusted
    Avoid crashes, seizures, slow downs and error messages with the safest and most trusted solution from a leading software vendor.






    To test this software, I'm going to be seeing how the easy the user interface is to use and how well the program cleans and defrags, to see if performance is increased. I'll be testing the majority of the time on my computer, but the performance test will be done on the family computer, which is plagued with a clogged registry. I will report any findings that I have during testing.

    Test System:

    The first thing that I noticed while I was testing the software was just how good it looks. It looks very professional, sleek and easy to read. I had no problems whatsoever finding my way around the program and getting done with what I needed to happen.

    I was afraid that this software would take a really long time to do its chores, but I was mistaken. At no time, no matter which operation I was performing, did I have to wait more than 30 seconds for anything. Everything was so quick, even the registry backups that the program said would take minutes. Uniblue's Registry Booster 2 definitely passes the test for the speed of its operations.

    I heard a rumor a while back that said Windows will boot up faster if the registry is cleaned. Let's put that statement to the test. I'm going to be using my family's Dell computer which has been used daily for years. I will then install Registry Booster 2 on the computer and scan the system, clean the registry, and end by defragging the registry. The results are in seconds and time is stopped once Windows is fully loaded. I will also test access times and close times to major programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Call of Duty 2 before and after cleaning and defragging the registry.







    Are you kidding me? There is an evident performance boost in having a clean and defragged registry. I was simply amazed at how many seconds got shaved off access and close times for major programs.


    I am simply blown away by this software. It greatly affected my computer's performance by taking off four seconds from my Windows startup time and shaving seconds off the access and close times of popular programs . I've heard many people complaining about registry software messing up their computer, but Uniblue's Registry Booster 2 takes at least a partial backup every single time you clean the registry, so that if something does go wrong, you can restore your registry. The "Ignore List" is a great feature as well, because Registry Booster 2 lets you put any registry files you want left alone, on to this list, to never be touched again. The program has an extremely easy to use user interface, which is a huge plus for a piece of software. The program is also very visually pleasing with its sleek, professional buttons and panels. Do not pass this software up, because even if you think your registry is clean, it probably isn't. Get your registry cleaned up and defragged to see your computer's performance rise! Remember those three qualities that are printed on the CD case - "Performance, Stability, Security"? After testing this product thoroughly, I can say that it definitely has each of those qualities, making Uniblue's Registry Booster 2 a pleasure to use.