Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 Review

ajmatson - 2010-03-25 18:42:59 in Software
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Reviewed on: May 11, 2010
Price: $29.95


When you use your computer in ways such as gaming, installing programs, browsing the internet and more, it tends to become slow and laggy, which really impacts overall performance. Even though you might not see it, you computer installs and downloads files while browsing the internet. It also uses services and resources even if you are not actively opening and closing certain programs/functions while working. Sure you can try to go through your system by hand and try to optimize everything, or you can use a utility made specifically to speed up your computer with little hassle at all. One of these utilities is made by a company called Uniblue, who develops numerous products designed to optimize your computer for the most enjoyable experience possible. Uniblue has previously released a utility called SpeedUpMyPC and is now they have taken and improved the program, releasing it in an all new version; SpeedUpMyPC 2010. In this version, Uniblue has improved not just the user interface but the optimization methods as well. This utility is part of a Power Suite that you can get with their Registry Booster 2010 and Driver Scanner 2009 utility. The Registry Booster utility we recently looked at did help clean up the computers registry,  noticibly speeding it up. So now let's see if the SpeedUpMyPC 2010 utility can live up to the Uniblue reputation and optimize our computer even more.



Closer Look:

SpeedUpMyPC 2010 is sold through the Uniblue Website as a digital download. This enables the you to get the tools you need without having to wait for a CD in the mail or go to the store to purchase it. Not only does this same you time and frustration, but it makes the end product cheaper as well.







Now that we have the program downloaded, let's install it and see how it does.


When you first enter the SpeedUpMyPC Utility, you are started on the Overview Tab. This tab gives you the general information that you need to know, such as the version of the utility, as well as if it is up to date or not. You are also made aware of the last time the computer was scanned and the current status of the system. You can see the image below shows "critical" since the utility has not been run to fix any issues as of yet. There is also a button labled "Start Scan" to have the utility run and fix any issues. Let's take a deeper look into the utility before testing it out. The Speed Scan is the next tab which shows more information on the status of the system and the last scan information. At the bottom of the tab are three check boxes where you can select what to clean, including the Speed Tools, which optimize Windows and applications, the System Tweaks, which disable unused resources such as IPv6 if not currently in use, and the Junk Files, such as internet cache.













Up next you have the Manage tab. In this tab there is a bit more you can enable or disable to aid in speeding up your computer. Items such as the CPU Manager, which makes sure that runaway processes do not eat up system resources, the Proactive Thumbnail Generator, which loads image thumbnails faster for quicker file browsing, and the Software Quick Starter, which cuts down on the load time of applications. The Scan Results tab is where the information of the scan will show after you run and fix the issues. You will see a green highlighted "Perfect" message if all was done right or blank prior to the scan.



The last tab is the Settings tab. There are three sections under the settings tab which help with using the SpeedUpMyPC 2010 utility. The first one is the General settings, which is where you control the behavior of the utility for minimization, the language used, and the actions to take during Windows start-up and when the utility loads. The second section is where you enter the proxy settings, if any, for your network connection. The final section is the System Information section which gives you specifications on your system.



Now that we have the system configured, let's view the results of the utility.


Uniblue has updated their SpeedUpMyPC utility to the latest SpeedUpMyPC 2010. Here are some of the features that Uniblue has put for their utility.


New features include:


To test this software, I will time various start up and shutdown times on a well used computer. This computer is a high-end desktop system that is used on a daily basis by several members of my family. It is constantly having software installed/removed and having hardware swapped out, so it is quite 'dirty'. Let's put Uniblue to the test!


Test System:


Once you run the scan and the items are fixed, you are sent to the Scan Results section of the Speed Scan tab. This time since the scan was complete, the status shows "Perfect" and the system utility has done its job. On the Overview page, you will notice now that the Speed Loss indicator shows "Optimized" and the guage to the left has moved to the sunny side.












While some of the times were not greatly effected, the Windows Start Up time was shortened by 24 seconds, which is a lifetime in computer terms.


Just as with the Uniblue Registry Booster 2010, the SpeedUpMyPC 2010 utility proved itself by taking a highly junked up system and making it a bit faster. While most of the scores are not earth shattering, every bit counts when it comes to the speed and response time of a computer. This is especially true when you are sitting there waiting for several minutes to start up. With the use of the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC utility, I was able to shave 24 seconds off of the Windows start up time bringing it down to under a minute. Even though this startup time isn't great... it is better than having to wait almost a minute and a half. The shut down time was also reduced to under 20 seconds. By removing unused resources and deleting junk files, the utility was able to improve the overall system performance to within reasonable times on a system that gets heavily used on a daily basis. When used together with the other Uniblue products in their Power Suite, you have the tools to keep your computer running smooth and almost as fast as when you first got it. The utility, while worthwhile, is a bit pricy at $29.95. However, it can be found on special or as part of the Power Suite which is $49.95 for three utilities, which equates to about $17 per utility. Which in my opinion, is very reasonable for a utility that just works.