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Ultra X-Pro & X-Finity 800watt Power Supplies


Closer Look Continued (X-Finity):
Here's the specification sticker.

Again, It's basically the same as the X-Pro. The UL number E239028 is also registered to Andyson Inc..

The Flex-Force cables supposedly give you better airflow.

In my opinion, it doesn't do squat. If your power supply is already sleeved, then it won't make any kind of difference. As far as flexibility goes, the X-Pro's sleeved cables and the X-Finity's Flex-Force cables are about the same and it also looks sort of flashy. Seems almost silly to me. It's really up to you if you like the silver cables, as they don't really improve anything.

Closer Look Continued (Miscellaneous):
Let's take a look at the innards now! Please be warned, opening this or any power supply will void your warranty and is highly dangerous if you do not know what you're doing. If a capacitor is not discharged, it has the potential of seriously injuring or even killing you! Also, if you do not put it back together properly, you can fry your hardware! Please do not open your PSUs - I nor OCC are responsible for your actions and cannot be held liable for anything you may choose to do to your PSU. This is why we're here to do it for you instead!

The X-Pro is on the left, and the X-Finity is on the right. As you can see, they're both identical. The unit overall has an excellent build quality with a massive heatsink! However, it is not as cramped as I thought it would be, since both are extremely heavy. I can probably attribute that to the extremely thick case.

The next things I noticed were the PSU fans, which are not your everyday fans. They are smaller and thinner and as a result, will never push the amount of air that a full size 80mm fan can. But this isn't bad, as it already has two fans with an excellent heatsink - no big deal.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look (X-Pro)
  2. Closer Look Continued (X-Pro & X-Finity)
  3. Closer Look Continued (X-Finity & Miscellaneous)
  4. Closer Look Continued (Miscellaneous)
  5. Closer Look Continued (Measurements) & Installation
  6. Specifications
  7. Testing
  8. Testing Continued & Conclusion
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