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Ultra X3 800 Watt Modular Review

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Closer Look:

Wow! What a finish on this power supply! The X3 has an extremely nice, but very reflective, black chrome finish. The only downside to this is that it fingerprints easily. The Ultra X3 600 watt power supply (OCC Review) has a vent on one side of it, so I was thinking that there’d be a vent somewhere on this X3 800 watt. I was wrong; there is no vent on this side of this unit. There is a sticker of the specifications on one side of the power supply. The back of this X3 800 watt is almost all mesh – allowing air to flow freely. The front of the unit is where you’ll find the connectors for the modular cables. You’ll find one 24-pin connector, one 4-pin motherboard connector, one 8-pin motherboard connector, four 6-pin connectors, two 5-pin SATA connectors, and six 4-pin connectors.

The next thing I’m going to do is open up the power supply. Do not try this with your unit because you will void the lifetime warranty. Inside you’ll find two heatsinks in the middle of the power supply and a 135mm fan to help ventilate the unit. Like the Ultra X3 600 watt, this unit features a single 12 volt rail which is very unique.

Behind the modular connectors, you’ll find the circuit board that distributes each of the connectors’ power. So you can get an idea for how this power supply stacks up against the X3 600watt, here are comparison photographs of the two next to each other; the 800watt is on the left and the 600 watt is on the right. The X3 800 watt has a few inches over the 600 watt in length.

Now that we've thoroughly examined the Ultra X3 800 watt, let's take a closer look at the included accessories and cables!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Power Supply)
  3. Closer Look (Accessories & Cables)
  4. Installation
  5. Specifications & Features
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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