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Ultra X2 750 Watt Extreme Edition Modular Review

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Closer Look:

This Ultra X2 750W Extreme Edition is the Titanium version. This makes it very shiny and will look good in a case with a window but it will show fingerprints galore and may be too reflective for some people. Ultra also has a version with UV reactive windows and fan on it, if that is your flavor.









The front of the Ultra X2 750W is where the modular cables get plugged into. There are connection slots for one main 24-pin cable, one 4-pin, one 8-pin CPU cable, two 6-pin pci-e cables, two SATA cables, and five 4-pin molex cables. The back side has the main power cable for plugging it into the wall, the power selector switch, and the on/off switch. Notice the grill style back which allows maximum airflow for air to escape the X2 and away from the computer case.



Turning the X2 around to the side there is a label that again shows the voltages of each of the rails, as well as the Quality Control stickers. Looking at the bottom you can get a glimpse of the huge 120mm fan that pulls in air from inside the computer case and expels it out of the back of the unit cooling the insides and removing warm air from inside the computer.



Now that you have gotten a look at the outside let's open it up and take a look at where all of the magic takes place. Before I begin I would like to stress that not only does opening the X2 or any other power supply void your warranty, but it is extremely dangerous, which is why I am going to do it so you do not have to. Once the screws are removed and the two halves separated you can see the inside with the 120mm fan and the components of the Ultra X2 750W.


The 120mm fan on the X2 is a low noise fan but it does a great job at cooling the X2. Inside the X2 there is an ample amount of room between components and the casing allowing the air to pass over critical components keeping them at cool operating temperatures.



Two things of note are the size of the capacitors on the Ultra X2, which are the dangerous part of the unit, so steer clear from to avoid harm. The X2 also has a protection system built into it that protects you from Short Circuits, In-Rush Currents, and Thermal Overloading cutoff.


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  2. Closer Look (The Power Supply)
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