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Ultra m998 Review

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The installation of your components into the Ultra m998 is another easy task, thanks to the fact that Ultra decided to add a removable motherboard tray to the list of features of this case. All that is required of you is to unscrew the four thumb screws located on the outside of the case to be able to slide the motherboard tray out of the chassis. Once you have the tray out, you need to mount the nine motherboard stand-off screws, which is an easy task. Once you have this done, you need to place the motherboard down on the tray and screw it in place. After this task is completed, you can then put your expansion cards in, such as a video card and a sound card. The screws that are on the expansion slots are of the style that you are able to remove with your hands after the first time, Ultra put them in very tight so you will need to use a screw driver to remove them the first time. 







Once you have the motherboard and the all of the expansion cards installed to the motherboard tray, the next step would be to install the optical drive as well as your hard drive. The installation of these drives are just like most all cases, there is nothing special about the installation of them.



Once these drives were installed, I moved on to installing the power supply. Unlike any other case that I have worked with, the m998 has a special way of installing the power supply; you go in from the top of the case. To install the power supply you need to remove the top panel of the case and then you can drop the power supply in.



The only other thing that needs to be installed is the motherboard tray, which is just as easy as when you take it out. All you have to do is align the motherboard tray with the track that it slides into, and then secure the tray back to the rear of the case.



Now after you have double checked to make sure that all of your screws are tight and all your wires are connected, you can close the case up and take a look at how well the Ultra m998 showcases your components.


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  2. Closer Look Continued (The Case)
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